How to Make a Dirt Doll (Voodoo Doll From Dirt)

My first dirt doll was made with dirt, powdered bird poop, and the urine and other bodily remnants of my enemies.  I stand by that recipe, given to me by elders, as one of the best. At the risk of someone out there remembering where they met me, I’ll tell…

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Spell and Recipe Requests

Is there a spell or recipe that you’d like to see on

If so, make a post in the forums in Spell and Recipe Requests.

You can also help with your experiences trying various spells.  If you’ve tried something, and it didn’t work, post about that too, and maybe get an explanation why.

Egyptian Musk Oil Recipe

Egyptian Musk is a very popular scent, but recipes vary.  The sort that I prefer is the 80’s version that was light, sweet, and simple.  It was great worn alone, but also helped to soften other spicier scents, making them less “heavy” or “old lady”, and more youthful. When it…

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China Rain Oil Recipe (for Bringing New Love and New Stuff in General)

The original China Rain oil designed by the Terra Nova company brought “rainy” scents into popularity.  There were many copies, but one stream stood out.  These were the versions made by African spiritual scentologists with stands in Venice Beach California.  Because of its ingredients (which may or may not be…

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Stop Child Abuse Spell

This spell can be used by children who are being abused by a parent or caregiver.  It is not a substitute for telling a sympathetic adult or the authorities.  This is what you do when you have done that, and nobody listened or believed you, or if getting help from…

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In a Pinch: Popular Products That Can Be Used in Witchcraft

4711 Cologne

4711 Cologne

At and my other sites, I favor natural ingredients made from scratch.  These things aren’t always available to everyone though.  It is a good idea to be adaptable and use what you have to get things done.  Many good things can be found at your local drugstore.  This is also a good idea when you have to hide the nature of your craft from others.

So in this article, I’m going to list some products that you can find pre-made locally or at least order online, that work well for various purposes in witchcraft.


We’ll start with good old 4711 cologne.  This classic scent is used for cleansing and protection.  It clears away negative energy, especially if you’ve done things the night before, that you don’t want to carry into your day.

Avon Soft Musk, Al Rehab Red Rose, and Golden are good for love spells.  They can be worn or given as offerings to OshunFatal Snake green, and Shaikhah are good for controlling and domination.

Other Cosmetics

Dead Sea salts are excellent for cleansing, purification, and protection.  Once consecrated, they can be used in a bath to counteract evil eye and other negative energy accumulated from ill will.  If you are particularly attractive or have blessings that other people desire, you can bathe in them monthly for maintenance.

Products containing Dead Sea salts are also helpful in this way.  If you are more into showers than baths, use a shower gel or soap with Dead Sea salts.  An especially important use for them that I’ve found extremely helpful is in hand lotion for people who touch money.  Money circulates, and you never know who has touched it or who has desired the specific bill or coin you are touching.  People who handle cash a lot or work with money should wear protective hand lotion or use protective, cleansing hand sanitizer.



Shango Smoulder Incense: A Non Teargas Version of Shango Incense

The normal Shango incense given in observances will literally clear a room, so it is usually burned outside.  One may not want to go to such extremes in every occasion.  So here is a milder version I call “Shango Smoulders”. You will need: 3 coffee beans 1/4 teaspoon hot red…

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Kid Safe Monster Spray

Sometimes children with the special sight have nightmares and other night time disturbances.  They can’t always tell who is friendly, neutral, and not, so this combined protection and evil banishing spray will give them some peace of mind.  This recipe is made with non toxic ingredients, so it is safe…

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Fertility Oil for Women

This oil will enhance fertility in women.  Use it as  body oil, making sure to cover the breasts, hips, and thighs well. You will need: 3 English pepper (allspice) seeds 1 vanilla pod, opened and cut into 5 pieces 5 dried blackberry leaves 1 eucalyptus leaf a teaspoon of fenugreek…

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Liquid Funk: A Milder Shango Oil

In honor of the World Sango Festival, here is a recipe for a wearable Shango oil that should help those who are not children of Shango to score more consistently.  Children of Shango can wear it as a tribute. You will need: 6 drops of wearable Eshu oil 6 drops…

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