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Come To Me Oil and Incense Recipe

Come To Me condition oil is an old formula used to motivate someone to come to the wearer.  It can be used to draw a specific person, or to draw someone from the Universe so to speak.  In the latter case, it is very useful in cultures wherein people tend to be overly shy about making their interest known.  It can inspire those who are attracted to actually do something about it.  In the former case, with a specific person, it can help them to break through both normal inhibitions and mystical blockages, depending on the level of care and spiritual respect with which it was made or charged.

Because it is generally worn on or very near the genitals, it needs to be very gentle.  Many recipes use essential oils, and this is okay, but just remember not to overdo them.  Never use the synthetic fragrance oils for this.  You can have a bad reaction.  I personally prefer to use the old fashioned infusion recipe.  Even then, do not put it on any mucous membranes, just in the tuft of hair just above the bits.

Come to Me Oil

Come To Me oil made by ArdenYou will need:


Call Eshu or your Gatekeeper to open the way between the wearer and the person they wish to come to them, and give nice offerings that include sweets and transportation toys.  Candies in the shape of modes of transportation such as feet, cars, bicycles, airplanes, etc. are a good idea.  The sorts of foods eaten during road trips an outings, and street foods are also good.

Give offerings to Oshun or your love deity of finer travel foods and luxuries, stuff that one would get at the Duty Free, etc.

If you’re making this for non specific others, you can save the ceremony for when the oil has a mission, but at least give small offerings to activate it.

  1. Starting with the coffee beans, put the ingredients into the jar mindfully.
  2. Pour the oil over all until everything is nicely covered.
  3. Close the jar, and let it “gestate” for 3-5 months before using.
  4. Put a dab of this just above the genitals while saying, “(Name of the desired) come to me!” with confidence three times.

Men will sometimes rub this on their actual parts.  It’s okay to do this if it won’t irritate you.

To help this process along by putting “seekers” out into the air, you may want to use a Come to Me incense.

Come to Me Incense

You will need:


  1. Mix all of these ingredients well.
  2. Put them in a pan or mold of a desired, store-able shape, and melt it gently.
  3. Let this cool, and then you can break off small pieces as needed.

Burn on charcoal, and open a window so some of the smoke gets outside and travels to your desired one.

You may notice that my recipe contains no catnip.  This is because I don’t find it particularly useful for the purpose of attracting humans.  If you prefer, you can still add it.  It won’t harm the recipe or take anything away from it.  It does help with relaxation, and may still be somewhat effective in extremely conservative societies.


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