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Liquid Funk: A Milder Shango Oil

oilsIn honor of the World Sango Festival, here is a recipe for a wearable Shango oil that should help those who are not children of Shango to score more consistently.  Children of Shango can wear it as a tribute.

You will need:


  1. Light some incense for Eshu, and call him, asking him to open the gate especially for Shango.
  2. Put the ingredients except for the toothpick with gasoline and cremains in a vial.
  3. Stir them with the toothpick, and then discard this into your Shango bowl or burner.
  4. Close the bottle or vial.
  5. Make a fire in your Shango bowl in which you burn the toothpick.
  6. Ask Shango to make your oil successful and help you to seduce successfully and get lots of good sex.
  7. Take some heat from the fire in your left hand.  Then give that heat to the bottle for awhile.  You’ll know when it’s enough.
  8. Keep the bottle near your Shango or in the Shango place on your altar.  Wear it as needed, and on Fridays, but do NOT *plan* to wear it on Fridays.  Don’t set any reminders.  If you forget, you forget.

You can wear this with your normal scent if it’s not clashing, or alone.

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