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Vampire Repellents

Vampire RepellentsSpiritual people have very good reason to be aware of vampires and vampiric energy.  Though every living being, in their way, needs to feed on other life in order to live, the vampiric entity does so more voraciously and inconveniently than may be comfortable or appropriate, if left unchecked.

It is important to understand that these entities are not in any way unnatural, and whether or not one deserves the label “evil” is a matter of perspective.  Just as Nature has given us defenses against other things that can harm or kill us, there are defenses against vampires too.

Vampiric Entities Who Prey on Children

There are different kinds of vampires.  Some are alter dimensional beings who feed on various kinds of energy.  Many spiritually gifted children have their first encounters with these beings as toddlers and young children.  The child may have dreams of something with tentacles or long fingers penetrating and sucking something out of their chest.  In some cases, the child will have stigmata-like punctures that come from nowhere, or self inflicted wounds that don’t happen with a frequency, intensity, or mental conditions that would indicate conventional psychological problems.

One of the mistakes parents make in these cases is putting a night light in the child’s room.  This may make the problem worse because then the child is more awake during the encounters, and the light disturbs their circadian rhythms, causing sleep disturbances.

The best solution is attachment parenting style sleeping arrangements. If you have two rooms already, then until the child is old enough to understand basic warding (which is 3 or 4 for most), then make one room the parents’ private room, and the other the family sleeping room.  Until very recently, it was almost unthinkable for most people to force a child to sleep alone.

Next best is to get a pet who will sleep with the child when it feels inclined.  Choose wisely.  You should get one who will feel protective of the child.  The size is not important, but the sentiment is. A tiny kitten may have a lion soul.

Use kid safe protective measures.  Minimize electromagnetic waves in the room, meaning use as little electricity as possible at bedtime.  Use a wind-up clock, and turn off everything that doesn’t need to be on.  Don’t leave things on standby.  Unplug them.  If something needs charging, charge it outside the child’s room.  You especially don’t want anything electric buzzing near the child’s head.  If you’re using a baby monitor, get a quality one that can be on the other side of the room.  Too much electromagnetism can render an already sensitive child’s temporal lobe extra vulnerable.

Paint protective symbols or images in the child’s room.  Make the child’s stuffed animals protector fetishes.  If you do, contain the “guts” of them in a bag, and sew them securely inside, so the child can transfer them to more mature “bodies” when they are older.

Use Monster Spray, but add a sprig of dill to the recipe.  Dill is one of the best herbs for psychic protection.


Abiku are basically the spirits of children who have died traumatically, and can’t seem to decide whether they want to go on the the Ancestors or come into the world and stay.  They are not all vampiric, but some can become so.  Some call these “blood angels”.  Click here for an article on Obeahwoman.com that explains more.

These are Abiku who have gotten to the point of enjoying the pleasures of being a baby or child somewhat vicariously through other children.  If your child is eating a lot and isn’t hyperactive but is still skinny as a rail, and doctors can’t find anything wrong with them, they may be carrying a Blood Angel.  I don’t mean normal eating a lot and still being thin because of growing.  I mean eating a whole lot of food almost all the time, and still losing weight to where you can see their ribs

If a child is abiku or has one attached, you will need expert help.


Otherkin type vampires are humans who feed on blood or other energy from other humans or living beings.  Most are born this way or become this way because they had the natural potential, and got triggered.  Either way, they can’t help being what they are, and they can choose whether to use their skill or ability sanely or insanely, just like we can choose whether to treat animals we eat humanely or inhumanely.

Just like any other animals roaming around in the wild though, since we all have to go to the watering hole, our best protection is to be aware and healthy.  If you don’t want to suffer as much when encountering vampires, and want to have some consent in the matter, there are a few things you can do for yourself.

The psychological side has been covered well.  Be healthy, have boundaries, etc.  What most don’t go into is the practical side.

Protective herbs:

Garlic and Onions

It’s an old standard, but it really works.  The wilder varieties and green parts are best.  You can make garlands, rings, and wreaths of garlic and green onions.  Grow garlic and onions around your home too.  This offers some protection against overkill psychic or energy vampires, but is most effective against actual blood sucking vampires.

What most people don’t understand is why it is so.  It is because some bacterial infections smell like garlic.  If you’ve ever popped an angry zit or boil and smelled it, you understand why this scent would be unappetizing to a being who sucks blood.


Dill is excellent psychic protection.  It also tastes great with garlic.


Celery enhances your awareness, and tends to make you less patient and tolerant, and therefore less vulnerable to psychic or energy vampirism.  This is why so many people on diets in which they eat a lot of celery are ill tempered.  It’s not just the calorie deficit.


This herb gives your mind more “reach”, and if you are a witch, makes you more dangerous to psychic and energy vampires.  If you have eaten spiritually activated coriander or cilantro, when their maw opens, you can feel it and fire back something nasty into them…or you can calibrate how much energy you’re willing to give them, and what type.  If they are hostile, and you feed them back a kind of energy they don’t want, they may interpret this as being poisoned with positivity.


It is good for protection in general, but with energy vampires, it limits how much they can take from you.  Some energy vampires like to go to dance clubs and feed off the crowd.  If you don’t want to get too drained, start the night off with some snacks with horseradish.

Vampires also don’t like hyssop, lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus), sage, St. John’s wort, linseed, mustard, carrots, potatoes, vervain, sea salt, and a whole lot of other things humans who feed normally love.

Anti Vampire Oil (harsh smelling)


  1. Starting with the jet, put everything into a blue jar.
  2. While the jar is open, pass it through the smoke of Eshu incense.  While doing so, ask him to close the door between you or the wearer, and any vampirism.
  3. Close the jar, and keep it in a cool, dark place for 3 months.

Anti Vampire Oil (nice smelling except to vampires)


Add the ingredients to the vial, and pass through the smoke of Eshu.  Ask him to protect you from vampirism.

Anti Vampire Incense


  1. Mix all of the ingredients and pulverize them to your preferred level of chunkiness.
  2. Pass it through the smoke of Eshu incense, asking for protection against vampires.

Burn this in the corners of any place that is or is likely to be plagued.

Cutting the Ties

If you have been the preferred host of a vampire, and you want to break the ties, consider cleansing your seed.  If it was a very close connection, and they were drinking your blood or feeding off of you regularly, consider changing your blood.  Eating witch cake may also help.

If it wasn’t so close, but you still feel that “tug”, use China Rain and make a dill pillow infused with it.

Latch Off Vampire Dill Pillow

Take a handkerchief, and mark it with an Eshu the Protector symbol at the top left corner.  In the middle of it, put a handful of salt, a handful of fresh dill, and the skin of a clove of garlic.  Folding the top left corner down first, fold the handkerchief four times to make a sort of a pillow, and sew it shut.

Pass this through the smoke of Eshu incense, and ask him to break the ties between you and the vampire.  Then leave the pillow out or near a window to collect sunlight for three days.

On the night of the third day, going counterclockwise, dab the corners of the pillow with 9 drops of China Rain oil.

Keep this under your pillow as you sleep.

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