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    As I mentioned, I’ll be posting more spells using popular and common items.

    Where I’m from, quite a few ladies sold Avon. It was sometimes a hard sell, so one way to move product was to figure out how they could be used in conjure. Off the top of my head…

    Soft Musk could be used to get a guy to want to marry you. You had to have it blessed, write the name of the guy you wanted to marry on a paper 7 times, kiss the paper, and then spray it with the perfume. Then the paper had to be folded a certain way 7 times and sewn shut with red thread. This should be carried near the heart, and sprayed with the perfume every week on a Sunday morning.

    Odyssey was used to bring success at work to women. You’d have it blessed and then spray it into your purse and then yourself.

    Occur was for seduction. You’d have it blessed and then wear it on your hands so that when you touched your man, he’d be more amorous.

    Skin-so-soft bath oil kept the bugs off, but if it was blessed it would also keep away negative energy.

    Spraying Candid in your shoes would help lead you to money.

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