Love Spells and Workings

Oshun Ebo 2012

I don’t just write about witchcraft.  I actually practice it.  This page was an announcement back in 2014, for the special discount during the Oshun festival.  It’s outdated, but I figured that instead of just deleting the page, I’d keep it up to describe the process of ordering a love…

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Money Drawing Incense for Businesses

Attract Paying Customers Incense (big batch) You will need: 3 black peppercorns 15 cloves 25 balls of allspice 1 cigarette of very fine tobacco 50 grams cedar chips 50 grams sandalwood or camwood chips 1 heaping tablespoon aloeswood powder or chips 15 drops attar of roses 5 drops orange essential…

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Money House Blessing Spray (Indian Fruit Spray)

Money house blessing is a popular spray to help stabilize a family’s financial situation or increase business.  It is relatively inexpensive to buy in a can, but some people prefer to make their own. Recipe on More Photos: These lovely photos were provided by Arden Keren, a Two-spirit witch…

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