Q Oil Recipe for Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Q Oil Recipe

Q oil is worn by women who wish to arouse sexual feelings in other women.  It basically takes all the good things about how a man smells, and leaves the bad.  It is reminiscent of the natural smell of a freshly showered Romanian man wearing freshly laundered clothes. If you…

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Free Paper Love Charm

Click on the image for instructions on how to use this free paper love charm to bring the person you love to you with desire. Be mindful that one cannot force a person into love.  In order for it to work, the Ancestors must approve, and the individual must be…

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How to Use Deer Musk Pods

Real deer musk can be very expensive, and some people find harvesting of the actual musk producing gland unethical.  Fortunately, during the mating season, many kinds of deer pee all over the place, and rub up against things, leaving their musk around in little hairy balls or pods.  These pods…

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