At we take your security and privacy seriously. So there are things you’ll need to know when you are browsing this site.

We do use “cookies” in the blog area of this site to enhance your viewing experience. They are there so as not to bother you with prompts for actions that you’ve already taken like logging in and subscribing. We do not store any information about you beyond your visit though, unless you have been doing things the security software may log as “suspicious”.

We do our best to ward off spammers, saboteurs, and other nasties that target blogs and witchcraft related sites. Still, there have been incidents that cause us to want to warn people of possible dangers. We advise that if you are still in the “broom closet”, you not post any personal information that people could use to find out your identity.

We are not using SSL in the browseable areas of the site, but we are using other security software. Nothing works 100% though, and we can’t always know if developers who create various apps may be doing nefarious things. If you have received any spam or malware claiming to be from this domain though, please report it to us using normal email to

Cookie Free Kindoki

If you prefer to browse without cookies or related issues, please use our plain HTML5/CSS powered section of the site, Uncut.

Blessings and Ase!

 ~ Sheloya

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