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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher
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Magical Oils

Magical Oils

There are as many Crown of Success oil recipes as there are conjurers and client situations.  There may be some “flavors” that vary from area to area.  Mine uses Master Oil as an ingredient.

You will need:

  • 3 cloves, to open the way to sweet things
  • 50 ml. Master oil
  • a few tears of frankincense
  • 3 bay leaves for protection and victory
  • the chopped, dried peel of an orange so people will be happy to do as you like
  • a small handful of cinnamon chips for charisma and to draw money
  • some gold leaf or dust, or scrap gold, or 5 brass coins, 5 cowrie shells, 5 pearls, or 5 small pieces of quality amber
  • sunflower, coconut, or sweet almond oil to fill your jar or bottle


 After giving reasonable offerings to your Gate Keeper and deities of success and victory, light some incense, and lay out your supplies.

Smoke your jar with the incense, and then mindfully add the ingredients.

It helps if you have a simple chant such as

Holy Father, Holy Mother
Help your child to thrive and prosper.

Keep it simple, because you don’t want to “corner” the energy at all.

Close the ceremony, giving thanks.

Allow the oil to set for at least 3 months, shaking it every few days.


You can add other crystals, herbs, or objects associated with success and victory.  Some warriors like to add obsidian.  Some in beauty, fashion, or other image related fields like to add pyrite.  Some even add gold glitter or makeup grade gold mica.  Some like to add John the Conqueror root.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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  1. Matildita Salazar

    Hello, my friend is in need and can’t wait 3 months for crown of success oil to set for 3 Months and cannot buy it herself… What is a compromise?

  2. Heidi Lynn Thomas

    If u don’t have master oil, and don’t have all that your need to make it, is there anything else you can use? I’m having an EXTREMELY hard time in life and if I can’t fix or change it, I’ll never make it. So I figured I’d ask bc I have everything but master oil
    Thanks Heidi

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