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Magical Oils

Magical Oils

Master oil is used to appear to be more competent.  It is useful for people who wish to stand out among other similarly or more skilled professionals.  It is great for leaders, as it increases the confidence others have in you and your abilities.  It can also help one to become more competent in a specific field, with a little adjustment to the recipe.

You will need:

  • a jar
  • a heaping teaspoon of dried anise (Pimpinella anisum) seeds, bruised in a mortar and pestle
  • a palm sized chunk of dried “masterwort” (Peucedanum ostruthium) root
  • a handful of dried “master of the woods” (Galium odoratum) flowers and stems, and fruits if it’s in season
  • sweet almond oil or sunflower oil

After making the appropriate offerings to your Gatekeeper, deities of authority, skill, and charisma, put the ingredients in a jar, and pour oil in to fill the jar.  Let this brew for at least three months, wrapped in a red, gold, or purple cloth.

You can use this oil to dress candles, for anointing, and to put on a master root.

For variations, you can choose from a variety of herbs that contain relatively high amounts of coumarins, and are related to mastery and leadership.  Sweeter, fresher smelling sources such as bison grass, sweetgrass, and similar herbs are more mastery oriented, whereas the more licorice smelling ones lean more towards commanding.



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  1. I’m trying it out tonight

  2. What is the difference between Master oil and master key oil? Are they the same thing? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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