Stinky Bottle Jar Spell

Esu and Sango

The infamous stinky jar or stinky bottle spell works to make your enemy repellent by causing them to stink. This particular one is the simplest (that I know of) and works as an aggressive cleanser. It can be viewed as a curse, but it is quite often used to save…

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Sierra Nixe or Oloton Corn Research: Nitrogen-fixing corn slime? A Mexican maize landrace supports nitrogen-fixing microbiota in aerial root mucilage | Plantae | Article and Video

Self Fertilizing Maize

Plants engage in intimate interactions with symbiotic microbes for the mutually beneficial exchange of nutrients. In a keystone study published in PLoS Biology, Van Deyze et al. (2018) describe the presence of nitrogen-fixing microbiota contained within an extensively carbohydrate rich mucilage found on the aerial roots of a Mexican landrace…

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The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

Grown people who can’t take a no need to learn or be avoided. After examining certain “beefs” in the African diaspora spiritual community, it seems the source of some conflict is some people’s inability to take a “no” or respect other people’s boundaries. This is something that needs to be…

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