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These are oils that can be used as a base or carrier oil for making condition or devotional oils, or in a pinch, prayed over and infused with energy.  If you are not sure what to use, or you don’t want there to be a “tell” for its purpose, then use one of these.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a good multi purpose oil for situations having to do with endurance, stamina, consistency, stability, and masculine energy.  This is one reason why it is used often in magickal oil preparations.  It helps to transmit intent and energy to the physical realm.

Beef Fat

Beef is a favorite offering of many Canaanite/Abrahamic/Hebrew deities, angels, and helpers.  It is seldom used nowadays as a carrier oil by itself, but often as a “flavoring” for olive oil when doing angel work.  Cows are also considered wealth and currency in many places, so the use of beef fat is a serious thing.  It brings a special gravity to your requests.

Chicken Fat

This is made by rendering the fat from chicken skin.  Chicken is a favorite food offering of many deities and spirits, so they are attracted to it.  It is especially useful in offering candles, and for situations where you’re not sure what to do or how exactly to direct things.  A good example would be if someone has stolen something from you, and you don’t know who did it, and don’t want them cursed in a specific way, just punished for their crime.  You would mark your candle, lightly coat it with the chicken fat, and burn it as an offering to the Spirits who would punish the thief.

Coconut Oil

Many deities and spirits, especially from African, South American, and Caribbean cultures, love coconut oil.  Coconut is a favorite ingredient in many food offerings, and I have heard of coconut oil on its own or sweetened and flavored, being given as an offering.  If you need a condition oil to be solid, then it is a good one to use as a carrier.  You will need to steep the herbs in warm coconut oil (put the jar in hot water) until it cools, so the essences can infuse well.


Ghee or clarified butter is the preferred substance for oil lamps used for Hindu puja (offerings).  From an African diaspora perspective, this makes a lot of sense because it comes from milk which is made in the body of a mother to nurture her young.  It comes from a natural function of pure benevolence, caring, and generosity.  So when burned or metabolized, the fire from it is pure creation and positivity.  It is an excellent addition to glamour producing oils used by someone with good intentions.  It makes your positive manipulations (like if you are a fitness instructor who needs to dominate your clients to make them healthier and stronger) more likely to work.  It adds a boost of light to anything you put it in, even in cases where you may need to cloak it in some darkness.

Lamb Fat

Lamb fat is at once sacrificial and celebratory.  Like beef fat, it is appealing to El and angels, but it is less grave and more intensely thankful.  If an oil is used for observances and thanks offerings, lamb fat is a most excellent ingredient.


Lard is basically rendered pork fat.  It has fallen out of favor recently because of some people’s disdain for pork or other animal products.  However, when well prepared, it is a legitimate magical ingredient.  Pigs aren’t native to Africa, but many other fatty animals with a similar taste and texture are.  You will see this used more when there was some fusion with magick from northern Europe, the Pacific islands, and Asia.  It is a good multi purpose productivity oil.  If you want to multiply something or increase usefulness or productiveness…make something bear fruit, or someone serve their purpose, this is a good material.

Olive Oil (Cold Press)

Olive oil was hard to access for some, so other oils made with local ingredients were preferred.  For those to whom it is/was accessible though, it was found to be an excellent all purpose oil.

Palm Oil

Another favorite offering of many deities, this is good for situations in which one wishes to gain some sort of favor.  Because of too much monoculture and the destruction of forests, please try to obtain it from an ethical source.

Paraffin/Petroleum/Mineral Oil

A favorite material for making candles, the oil component of paraffin is a good fuel.  It is a conductor of energy.  It is closely associated with Earth deities, the Ancestors, and a good multi purpose oil for very practical issues, work related issues, and blessing machinery.  Some don’t like it because it is a by product of the oil industry, some don’t mind so much because like plastic, it is a by product.  No more or less oil will be pulled from the ground because you use mineral oil.  Because it is made from the decayed remnants of the dead, some of whom are our pre human Ancestors, some prefer to reserve its use for death and mortality related conditions and necromancy…but then this association with the Ancestors also makes it useful for some, in love magick.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is a favorite of Eshu and other gate keeping deities.  So this oil is good for opening, closing, beginning, ending, dilemmas, choices, and boundaries.

Sunflower Seed Oil

This is a good multi purpose oil for use in matters of beauty, fertility, love, and prosperity because sunflowers are associated with Oshun and other related deities.


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