Water Memory and The Ancient Science of Water Offerings.How to Program Water to work for you.

In This Video,I talked about the discovery of Water memory by modern Western Scientist,the characteristics of water and The Ancient African Practice of giving offerings to Water bodies and how you can be able to program the water bodies to harmonize with you. To learn more, take my Master Classes…

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The Use of 999 Lord Krishna Puja & Bint el Sudan Incense Sticks in African Spirituality.

In this Video,I talked about the two most popular incense sticks in West Africa and their differences,similarities and methods of enhancements.I also talked about other substitutes people use for incense offerings like Cigarettes,Weed,Tobacco powder,Talcum powder and Neem Leaves.Enjoy #Afroscientificspirituality #Modernmagick #Neemtree To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific…

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The Difference Between the Same Ingredients in Workings – YouTube


Sometimes even if you use the same ingredients, the source of those ingredients makes a huge difference. In this video I use bay leaves from two different sources as an example. Watch, like, and subscribe, and share this because it’s important. Blessings and Ashe!

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Oshun and Oya Seduction-Chaos Cake

Before we begin, let me just say that this cake is dangerous.  If the union is not completely against his Nature, it will cause the man to want to make passionate love with its maker.  Treat this recipe with the utmost care because if a person actually does give in…

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How to Make Coffee for Eshu

Coffee for Eshu

Except in blood offerings, Eshu is always served first.  One of the things he really loves is spiced coffee.  So here’s a recipe for Eshu coffee that makes a great offering or addition to offerings.  Children of Eshu often like this very much as well. This method is for a…

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