The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

Grown people who can’t take a no need to learn or be avoided. After examining certain “beefs” in the African diaspora spiritual community, it seems the source of some conflict is some people’s inability to take a “no” or respect other people’s boundaries. This is something that needs to be…

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The Difference Between the Same Ingredients in Workings – YouTube


Sometimes even if you use the same ingredients, the source of those ingredients makes a huge difference. In this video I use bay leaves from two different sources as an example. Watch, like, and subscribe, and share this because it’s important. Blessings and Ashe!

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Are All Witches Created Equal? – YouTube

ObafemiO has posted a video to clarify the differences between witchcraft as it is understood in the diaspora and as it is understood in Africa, especially Yorubaland. Many people don’t know that there are major differences and not understanding them can get you into major trouble. You can also be…

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