The Phenomenon of Ogbanje and Abiku in African Spirituality.

Grieving a Child

In this Video,I talked about the phenomenon of Ogbanje and Abiku that used to be very prevalent in West Africa and what it entails and how it is not common any more in recent times.Enjoy. To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The Second Edition of my…

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Africans & Hindu Indians on Cultural Appropriation:The True Story.

  In this Video,i talked about the very sensitive issue of Cultural Appropriation with particular focus on the complaints often made by some over zealous Hindu Devotees about Africans practicing Hinduism online as stealing their religion.I was able to explain the difference between Cultural Appropriation,Acculturation and Cultural Assimilation and address…

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Breaking The Mirror of Heaven.”The Conspiracy to Suppress The Voice of Ancient Egypt”:Book Review

In this video,I did a review of a very important Book written by Robert Bauval & Ahmed Osman.This is a Book that talked about the details of how Ancient Egypt was stripped of her Antiques,Artifacts,Statues,Sculptures,Spiritual Heritage and Legacy and how the invaders conspired to cover up their atrocities and keep…

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