Lovecraft Country Movie Review: The Battle of White Supremacy and African Spirituality.

In This Video,I talked about the HBO series Love Craft Country and its Spiritual themes Symbolism’s and significance and a little about the personality of Love craft and also the critical issue presented in the series which is the touchy subject of Race and African Spirituality.Enjoy.     To learn…

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The Phenomenon of Ogbanje and Abiku in African Spirituality.

Grieving a Child

In this Video,I talked about the phenomenon of Ogbanje and Abiku that used to be very prevalent in West Africa and what it entails and how it is not common any more in recent times.Enjoy. To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The Second Edition of my…

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How Ancient Witches Use Plantain Leaves to Fly to Coven Meetings in Nigeria: African Flying Carpet

  In This Video,I talked about an ancient Myth of Witches/wizards holding their meetings inside plantain plantations and what i have discovered about that story to be True and False.I also discussed the spiritual properties of the plantain leaf and how it can be useful for Astral projection and out…

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