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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher
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Choco-teaI found out the hard way that a good chunk of my content was basically up for grabs. Partly it’s because a good bit of it is in recipe format, but partly just because humans suck. Y’all already know about the crystals in aggressive magick issue. Hard to believe some people actually made money off of that when it’s available for free.

In any case, some of you may notice that I’ve basically stopped promoting anyone I’m not in at least occasional mutual contact with, and a great many things I used to post in recipe format, I’m converting to article format. Some things will and should remain recipes because they do indeed belong to the world. I’m just no longer going to compress or force things into that format or encyclopedic format for that matter. People have been mistaking some things as public domain which are not.

Additionally, I’ve found out that I’ve been basically Google invisible partly because my sites are informative. They scrape the information and post it on their front page so that no one has to visit my sites. Unfortunately, by being so concise and efficient about it, I made this easy to do.

So I’ve stopped basically working for free. The internet has changed, and I have to adapt to survive it and keep my sites alive. I am focusing on producing and posting content that is specifically of interest to my community and patrons. If others benefit from it, that is wonderful, but I only get the same number of hours in a day as everyone else.

No longer dumping time and energy into a thankless drain, I’ve had time to devote to family and other projects that actually do something positive. Ajeshaluga.com now has a blog. So you can go there, post your praise, get some tips on how to increase your material wealth, and if you are blessed by it, give a donation.

Kindoki.net has been repossessed away from the person I entrusted with it because he started regurgitating hate speech. I let some ignorance pass, but then he started chanting the human sacrifice promotion being spread by fake “chaos magicians” in the U.S. right wing. For the record, I never asked him to promote homosexuality, just to stay out of LGBTQIA+ folks’ business. These matters are very sensitive at the moment, and because they are attempting a fascist takeover of the U.S. and Europe, of course they are trying to kill and oppress everyone who is different. African and diaspora spiritualists have no business promoting the politics of “white” supremacy. Not any of it. We especially do not have a single dog in the fight of “white” gender culture because what we’ve experienced of it is colonial gender role enforcement at the end of a bayonet and in chains.

We simply have no business messing in that mud, and it’s an insult to our Ancestors all over the spectrum and in the many constellations and variations of AFRICAN gender to opt into the “white” supremacist human sacrifice cult. So Kindoki.net will become an online course site again, but it will be run by me personally this time.

I am making divination tiles again, and when I have a few sets made, I’ll be offering them on Obeahwoman.com. I’m already offering custom wands. Remember, you can still get free love readings there.

Feel free to browse around and enjoy the changes. I’ll be posting some of the recipes from here on Auset.net so that you can get both food offerings and concoction recipes in the same place. I’m taking my time though because now that there’s no useless stuff draining my time and energy, there’s no rush. I’m enjoying this new policy, and I think you will too.

Blessings and Ashe!

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

I'm the webmaster of Zindoki.com. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know. :-)

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