Congo Oil Recipe for Bringing Changes

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  1. U,r the best can congo oil be used to send evil spells back to sender

    • Congo oil isn’t a reversing oil per se, but it can definitely be used to boost something that reverses. It would make it more intense in the way of tearing through things they might have set up to protect themselves from natural consequences. One can’t really protect themselves from natural consequences, but one can slow them down to some degree. Congo oil would erode or if they were sloppy, just tear through those buffers.

  2. Kongo oil is very good for changes and as a boost to any work due to the caffeine and pepper. Instead of this in palo we use the chamba (word that in Mexico means work) which is a peppery fiery drink that we blow to our nfumbe ( shade of the dead we made a life long pact with) to energize him and send him to work. It is also used in spell to heat up and cause rapid change and to boost its energy. Very useful. Look into it. A resourful witch can find many uses for this. I’m happy to share my knowledge in the realm of palo mayombe. Nsambi acutare from Puerto Rico.

  3. Thanks for making available!

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