Bend Over Oil Recipe

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher
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Some situations demand that you dominate a person.  Here is an old standard recipe that will suit most situations.  Mind you, this is not a “zombie” oil that will turn off their mind and make them your slave.  It will however, help you to achieve the upper hand when dealing with them.


  • 3 roasted coffee beans
  • a piece of orris root that would amount to about a teaspoon if powdered
  • 6 cm. calamus (sweet flag) rhizome
  • 6 cm licorice
  • the dried peel of a green tangerine or clementine
  • sunflower oil

After making the appropriate offerings, mindfully put all ingredients in a 100-200 ml jar.  Cover with a red cloth, and allow to infuse for 3-5 months.

Put this in places that you know the person or people you wish to dominate will touch or step.  You can also transfer this to them by handshake.  It prevents them from breaking agreements with you without suffering greatly for it.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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  1. How can I purchase this

    • Most botanicas and spiritual shops sell this, but if you want the old fashioned recipe I recommend getting some directly from a local witch who makes their own, or the House of Avalon line at Papa Jim or from Lucky Mojo. Avoid the ones that are just fragrance oils because the actual natural licorice, orris, and calamus are absolutely necessary. There is something about the sweet taste and fibrousness of licorice that is crucial, as well as the stickiness of the orris and the coumarins in the calamus. The energy of these is altered in solvent extraction that is any harsher than water, alcohol, vinegar, or oil.

      • Good afternoon to you how can you use bend over oil man what broken is promise to you and you want to keep it

        • Hello Julet 🙂

          If a man has broken his word to you then you can use bend-over on him by putting it on his things, especially things that have to do with whatever promises he made. For instance, if he owes you money, put some on your index finger, speak to it what you need it to do, and then smear it on his wallet or checkbook.

          If it was about a matter of the heart then put some on your finger and draw a circle around his heart. I’d advise letting it dry and not letting him know you’re doing it…or mix it in his bath oil or massage oil, and then casually draw a circle around his heart with your finger.

          You can also mix this with a little of your pee and put a drop under the insole of his right shoe. Same goes with Queen Bee oil.

  2. Im with friend 4 years and 3 months ago she go on line one woman contact with and put lovespell on him we don’t talking are seeing each other what can i do i want them both to break up i love alot but he cheated on me i want this woman to leave and go far away i don’t not care were she go but far away i hate and want she stop hurting next women please what i can i do thank you very much for your answer

  3. How to use bend over oil to get a person take insurance policy from me ? I am planning to purchase from artofroots which is easily available near by.

  4. When making this oil does it need to be infused in a Mason jar the the sun for six weeks before using it?

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