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10 Herbs to Help You Keep Your Man and How to Use Them

2 Ways to Make Sheloya's Not-the-Original-But-Okay Xocolatl

AC/DC Oil Recipe for Same Sex Attraction and Solving Dilemmas

Adam and Eve Oil Recipe

Africans & Hindu Indians on Cultural Appropriation:The True Story.

Angel Oil Recipe for Protection and Angel Work

Antidepressant Oils

Arden's HOT Foot Powder

Are All Witches Created Equal? - YouTube

B.S.A. Balm: Homemade Antibacterial Ointment

Base and Multi Purpose Oils

Bat's Blood Oil Recipe for Tormenting Enemies

Bend Over Oil Recipe

Bird's Nest Magick

Black Love Incense

Blood Covenant and Relationships: Any Negative effects?

Boss Fix Spells

Breaking The Mirror of Heaven."The Conspiracy to Suppress The Voice of Ancient Egypt":Book Review

Burying a Knife For Home Protection

Changing the Blood and Getting Rid of Old Personal Effects

Charmed Gifts For Your Woman

China Rain Oil Recipe (for Bringing New Love and New Stuff in General)

Cleansing the Seed

Cleopatra Oil Recipe for the Seduction of High Status Men

Come To Me Oil and Incense Recipe

Comments are Working

Congo Oil Recipe for Bringing Changes

Crown of Success Oil

Cult and Devotion to Santa Muerte Book Review:Analyzing The True Nature of The Goddess of Death.

Divination Incense

Do it Yourself Wanga Mojo Gri Gri Bags | Obeah Woman

Egyptian Musk Oil Recipe

Eshu Oil Recipe and Variations

Ethnopharmacology of single herbal preparations of medicinal plants in Asendabo district, Jimma, Ethiopia

Fast Money Oil Recipe

Favorable Incense

Fertility Herbs, Charms, and Spells Part 3: Example Fertility Working

Fertility Herbs, Spells, and Charms Part 1

Fertility Herbs, Spells, and Charms, Part 2: Fertility Deities

Fertility Oil for Women

Firey Wall of Protection Oil

Follow Me Boy Oil Recipe

Foot Track Powder Against Rapists and Sex Offenders

Free Paper Charm to Find a Good Husband or Wife

Free Paper Love Charm

Go Away Evil! Spray Recipe

Golden Love Spell Paper Charm

Good Girl Oil

Hatuey: Indigenous Taino Freedom Fighter

Herbal Pain and Inflammation Management With a Magical Boost

How Ancient Witches Use Plantain Leaves to Fly to Coven Meetings in Nigeria: African Flying Carpet

How Santa Muerte Came into My Life. "My perspective about The Goddess of Death"

How to Enchant a Mirror for Return to Sender Protection Spell.

How to Boost your Online Business Sales with Bint El Sudan, Coconut, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Sea Salt.

How to Create a Sacred Grove at home.Part 2 of How to grow a Sacred Tree.

How to Create a Sacred Grove in African Spirituality.

How to do a Simple Effective "Return to Sender Spell" with Fertility Leaves and Alligator Pepper.

How to Do Daily Observances For The Orishas

How to Do Divination with Boiled Eggs.

How to Do Mirror Meditation For Intense Shadow Work and Clear Out Emotional Baggage's.

How to do The Near Death Meditation Exercise to Activate your Psychic Abilities.

How To Do Traditional Native West African Spiritual Bath. - YouTube

How to Extract The Science From The Tradition in African Spirituality. - YouTube

How to Identify and Stop Spiritual Attacks by Learning to Protect what has Value to you. - YouTube

How to improve your Performance using Papaya.A very simple powerful DIY Aphrodisiac

How to Initiate Yourself into African Spirituality. - YouTube

How to Keep Your Man and Protect Your Household

How To Keep Your Woman and Protect Your Household

How to Know Your Elemental Guides & Planetary or Celestial Protectors.

How to Make a Dirt Doll (Voodoo Doll From Dirt)

How to Make Coffee for Eshu

How to Make Divining Coins

How to Make Magickal Oils Properly

How to Perform West African Prosperity Ritual Party The Right Way. aka (SARA or OWANBEL)

How to Protect Your Land from Land Grabbers and Wicked Family Members

How to Remove Negative Karma of Group Decision Making.

How to Spot a Fraudulent Spell Caster

How to Turn Rumors & Lies Into Accolades and Popularity.

How to Use a Witches' Cauldron

How to Use Bint El Sudan Perfume & Bay leafs for Money Attraction Spell.

How to Use Candle Flame Meditation to Develop your Inner Vision.

How to Use Deer Musk Pods

Hummingbird (Chuparosa) Oil Recipe

In a Pinch: Popular Products That Can Be Used in Witchcraft

Ingredient Spotlight: Bay Leaves

Ingredient Spotlight: Coriander/Cilantro

Ingredient Spotlight: Kola Nuts

Ingredient Spotlight: Peaches

Invoke The Power of Your Zodiac Sign for Optimum Health:Zodiac & The Salts of Salvation:Book Review

Kid Safe Monster Spray

Kindoki Basics: Fetishes

Kindoki Basics: Found Eshu Stones

Leave Me Alone Banishing Spells

Liquid Funk: A Milder Shango Oil

Love Potion

Love Spells and Workings

Lovecraft Country Movie Review: The Battle of White Supremacy and African Spirituality.

Lucky Hand Oil

Magickal Ingredient Substitutions

Master Oil

Masturbation & Spirituality: "Any Negative Effects???" Let's Talk Facts.

Modern Magick "Eleven Lessons in High Magical Acts": My Honest Review.

Money Drawing Incense

Money Drawing Incense for Businesses

Money House Blessing Spray (Indian Fruit Spray)

Musician Mojo Bag

Natural Antifungal Treatments With a Spiritual Boost

Nya Si We and Efin We - Steam and Smoke Baths

Ogun Computer Cleaning Potion

Oil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? When to Use What | Witch University

Oshun and Oya Seduction-Chaos Cake

Oya's Magical Sprays

Phoenix Oil Recipe for Healing Heartbreak and PTSD

Powers of The Aligator Pepper:Grains of Paradise.

Protection Charm Against Harmful Suitors, Lovers, or Potentials

Protection From the Authorities and Police

Protection Salts for the Home/Yard

Q Oil Recipe for Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Queen Bee Oil Recipe for Dominant Women

Quick Peaceful Home Oil

Return to Sender

Sacred Paint for Seals, Runes, Etc.

Shango Smoulder Incense: A Non Teargas Version of Shango Incense

Shut Up Oil Recipe

Simulacra & Simulation: Exposing The Fakery & Fuckery in Western Occultism.

Snake Charmer Sexy Incense

Spell and Recipe Requests

Stoning to Death & Burning of Deborah Samuel:Is there any such thing as a Moderate Muslim?Lets talk.

Stop Child Abuse Spell

Stop Thief Oil and Tincture

The Curse of The Whiteness

The Difference between The Regular & Inverted Pentagram.

The Difference Between the Same Ingredients in Workings - YouTube

The Largest Club of Pedophiles in the World.(Beware of Church)

The Many Uses of The Blue Vervain Plant aka "Verbena Hastata" in African Spirituality.

The Origin of The Dream Catcher and its Use in African Spirituality. - YouTube

The Phenomenon of Ogbanje and Abiku in African Spirituality.

The Slippery Spirit: A Survey of Florida Water, the Hoodoo Holy Water

The Spirits in Gaming and Online Magic

The Terrifying Skinless Witches

The Use of Back To Sender Perfume & Divine Grace Perfume in Christianity and African Spirituality.

The Use of Egyptian Musk Deer Perfume and Civet Musk Ointment in African Spirituality.

The Use of 999 Lord Krishna Puja & Bint el Sudan Incense Sticks in African Spirituality.

The Use of El Hadji Ointment and Royal Boquet Perfume in African Spirituality.

The Use of Entada Rheedii "African Dream Herb" in African Spirituality.

The Use of Kalanchoe Pinnata aka "Miracle Leaf" in African Spirituality.

The Use of The Tamarind Tree in African Spirituality.

The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

Three Sticks of Incense: A Simply Elegant Eshu Ritual

Unofficial Ifa Incense

Urine Love Magick.How to Use Urine to Become a Chicks or Boys Magneto.

Using Urine to spice up your love life.The most powerful natural love Spell in you.

Vampire Repellents

Van Van Oil Recipe

Video: How to serve Warriors with Witchcraft

Video: How to Use and Care for Zuni Fetishes

Vision Incense

War Water, War Oil, and War Powder

Water Memory and The Ancient Science of Water Offerings.How to Program Water to work for you.

What is The "ORI" and How to Appease it in African Spirituality.

What to Do With Your Offering Leftovers

What's New in June 2022? Members Only Content

Why We Should Not be Afraid of Our African Ancestral and Elemental Spirits.

Witch Cake (For Protection, Cleansing, and Good Fortune)

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