How to Use Bint El Sudan Perfume & Bay leafs for Money Attraction Spell.

  In This Video,I talked about How you can combine Bint El Sudan Perfume with Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae) otherwise known as Bay leafs to create a Simple powerful Money Attraction Spell.This Spell can be done by also petitioning the Khemetic Goddess Hathor for open doors to Prosperity with…

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The Difference Between the Same Ingredients in Workings – YouTube


Sometimes even if you use the same ingredients, the source of those ingredients makes a huge difference. In this video I use bay leaves from two different sources as an example. Watch, like, and subscribe, and share this because it’s important. Blessings and Ashe!

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Ingredient Spotlight: Bay Leaves

Bay leaf has a variety of uses in magic and herbal medicine.  It is extremely helpful in sparking prophetic visions, lucid dreaming, and contemplation for the purpose of finding the reality of a situation or solving a dilemma.  It is an excellent addition to a potpourri or incense for divination.…

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