Fertility Herbs, Spells, and Charms Part 1

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher
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If you or someone you know is trying to conceive, or has trouble carrying to term, there are many ways you can make things easier.

Once you’ve covered the bases, and made sure the Ancestors are okay with your choice of partner, you want to avoid foods and herbs that may cause problems.  Different people are more or less sensitive to different things.  If you are European, foods in the nightshade family may make problems for you.  If you are of African ancestry, unfermented milk may be a problem for you.  Look into how your Ancestors ate.

You should also avoid parsley or other herbs that may be contraceptive.

If you have had a miscarriage before, keep away from angelite.  For some reason, this stone bridges realms too well, so an abiku (a traumatized child soul who refuses to either stay and grow to adulthood or return to the Ancestors) may use it as a weapon against itself.

Fertility Symbols

You will also want to make use of fertility symbols.  Here are some common ones:

Common Fertility Symbols

Common Fertility Symbols

You can use these and other fertility symbols to make decorations for their home, or to mark talismans and charms.  You can also carve or sculpt them for wearing.  Generally, people would use a mixture of masculine and feminine symbols.  Sometimes though, one may favor one above the other, such as if they wish to specifically have a girl, they would wear more feminine symbols.

Natural Fertility Talismans

Naturally formed and shaped stones and other objects that happen to come out in the shape of fertility symbols and reproductive organs are good to carry around for luck in both attraction and fertility.

Vulva Stone

Vulva Stone

Harricana Fairy Stone

Harricana Fairy Stone

Fertility Enhancing Crystals

White agate helps to protect a child in the womb.  It may be helpful for women who may be high risk and have trouble carrying to term.

Red Jasper has a very masculine, Shango, firey energy, and can help you to be more sexual and have more energy.  It is said to enhance the quality of sperm, and make the male more “top” while helping the woman to reach her climax more easily.

Pink Opal belongs to Pacha Mama, and helps a lot with fertility.  It should be worn on the body, touching the skin as often as possible when someone is trying to get pregnant.

Harricana that are shaped like happy babies, circles, feminine figures, vulvas, or phalluses are fertility enhancing, protective, and help to regulate cycles.

Amber helps to clear away negative energy and ill will that may inhibit fertility.  It is especially useful in getting rid of these particular blockages.  The best for his is blue amber.

Something Old…

Wearing something that was gifted to you by a relative or other honored Ancestor who has passed on, helps you to get pregnant.  The reason for this is that, as it is believed, we re-birth our Ancestors.  Having something that indicates you respect and welcome them, makes the aspects of them that are returning to the physical realm to come back more quickly.  It is like a positive beacon.

Fertility Food

You definitely want to stay away from processed foods when you are trying to get pregnant.  Also, make sure to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly using salt and water, white wine, or vinegar to make sure it is cleansed of as much pesticide residue as possible.

You should eat fruits and vegetables with every meal, except things you may be sensitive to.  However, don’t overdo the vitamin C.  Eat as much as you need, but not too much.  Vitamin C in large doses may prevent pregnancy or implantation.

Cumin is good for you in the early stages of a pregnancy, so if you’re not eating it already, start using small amounts as a seasoning when you start trying to get pregnant.  It can prevent morning sickness or at least allow you to eat enough that you will suffer less.

When you are trying to get pregnant, berries are excellent for you.  However, raspberries should be eaten only until one gets pregnant, and then avoided until you are ready to give birth.  Raspberries and their leaves cause some women to go into labor.

Dragon fruit (pitaya) are good for women who are trying to get pregnant, and men who are trying to get someone pregnant.  They increase the sperm viability.

Blackberry leaves are an aphrodisiac for women, and also facilitate pregnancy.  A tea should be made of a teaspoon of shredded, dried blackberry leaves, steeped in hot water for only five minutes, and strained well.  Only steep the tea 5 minutes because the tannins in the tea can give it a bitter taste.  Honey can be added for sweetness, though some find it nice to mix this with blackberry (fruit) wine.

Oils for Lovemaking and Fertility

Wearing attractive oils is very helpful in promoting fertility.  Good sex is better for conception, and smelling good activates primal impulses that help women to ovulate on time and become more likely to implant, and men to produce more healthy sperm.

We have recipes here for some sex and fertility enhancing oils.

For women:

For men:

For the right “ambience” in the room or bed:

I hope that this article helps you to help yourself or others bring more wonderful people into this world.



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