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What to Do With Your Offering Leftovers

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Don’t throw away those ashes and leavings!  If you’re doing regular observances and offerings, you should be making amulets and talismans using the leftovers.  These have very strong energy since they have been touched by the spirits who received their living essence.  Consider them a free blessing that you can give to your clients and fellow participants in ceremonies.

You should also use the ashes or leavings from offerings given for specific spells or workings as part of the ingredients in making their supplies.  Left oil from the food or oil offerings should become part of whatever oil you’re making for them.  Ashes can go inside talismans or be used as charcoal to mark the coverings.  Look at all of the end results of whatever you do, and see how these can go into the physical objects you’re making.

Various spirits like their talismans made certain ways, but as a general rule, they should have some sort of cloth or natural container, be sealed well, and usually have some sort of protective covering that meets their aesthetic requirements.  Here are some examples:

Fertility Stone Talisman

Fertility Stone Talisman

Eshu Protection Amulet

Eshu Protection Amulet

Oshun Love Talisman

Oshun Love Talisman

Shango Amulets

Shango Amulets

As you can see, polymer clay or, if you prefer, any air drying or oven bake-able clay that is somewhat flexible after drying or curing, makes a good medium for talismans.  You can also wrap them in cloth and cord or ribbon.  There are many possibilities.

Use your imagination to come up with your own unique styles.  It is a good idea to, when the mood strikes you, make talismans to keep some on hand.  Then you know you have a way to take care of various issues quickly without too much fuss.

Keep the talismans in the bowl, box, or container of their “parent”, and give them some attention when you do your observances.  This keeps them charged up with energy.

Other things that can be recycled are plant materials that were used for ceremonies.  They may seem like mere decorations or ritual objects, but to waste items that have taken on so much good energy is a shame.

Examples of Simple Amulets

Eshu Amulets

These are handy little nuggets that can be made for protection or for luck.

For protection, take a cowrie shell, and put in some leftover ashes from your daily observances, which should always have begun with some incense for Eshu.  Put in a few grains of sugar or a drop of some sweet syrup.  Speak your wish that the carrier or wearer would be protected into the cowrie shell.

Cover the opening with polymer clay, and fashion an Eshu the Protector symbol, and bake it.  You can also wrap it tightly in a black cloth that has been marked with the symbol.  Go with your tradition as to whether or not to tie, sew, or wrap and glue.

Pass the amulet through the smoke of Eshu incense, and store them near him on your altar or in a designated container.  To maintain its protective energy, you should protect these amulets, and not allow them to be randomly fondled by others, especially the non observant.

Ogun Amulets

Be advised that Ogun’s energy is very heavy.  He is easily angered, so check your area for things that could possibly be offensive to him, such as empty bottles or jars with their caps on.  Open them, turn them on their side, and keep the cap upturned nearby.  Also make sure you’re not bleeding anywhere.

Ogun amulets are good for warriors and artists and craftspersons for protection, and aid in helping people think technically.  They help machines, including computers, run better.

Gather some soil from the place in your yard where you give offerings to Ogun, or from the incense you burned for him.  Put this in a small piece of aluminum foil that has been marked with the sign of Eshu and a symbol for Ogun.  Add four nails, or if you can find them, four small tool shaped charms.  Close this up in the aluminum foil.  Cover with polymer clay and bake, or sew a black and/or green cloth (or red in some traditions) around the foil bundle.

If you use polymer clay, it is a good idea to be very artistic about it, and apply beautiful designs and symbols, unless they need to be stealthy.  If you use cloth, you should decorate it nicely with beads.  The more artistic or elegant it is, the more Ogun will feel comfortable abiding there.

Pass this through the smoke of Ogun incense, or dip them in the soil of your offering place.

Don’t be quick to throw things away.  If you’re not sure whether or not reusing something would be appropriate, do divination.  If you get the go-ahead then waste not, want not folks.  Remember, Oshun rewards the resourceful with prosperity.

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