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MiscellanyBoss fix spells are to protect you from those who have some worldly advantage over you.  They can be used to create harmony between you and your boss, or to get rid of a really bad boss who is making life unnecessarily difficult for the workers.  Which should be used depends on which you need.

As with many things, traditions vary.  Most boss fix spells I’ve seen are incomplete because it seems some steps may have been skipped due to modern convenience or lack of knowledge of preparation.

The Standard Boss Fix Spell/Charm

The standard Boss Fix.

The standard Boss Fix.

This is the normal boss fix spell.  Depending on where you’ve seen this before, it might be a little different, or totally the same.  Most of the ones I’ve seen only require turning the paper 90 degrees, and don’t say which direction.  The direction is important because most people are right handed and their right brain is the creative/abstract side.  If you are left handed and your left brain is the creative side, then you may want to do some divination to see if you should reverse directions when you’re doing these sorts of personal concern spells.

As to which herbs you should use for your boss fix supplies, this depends what you want to do: harmonize with, dominate, or get rid of the boss.

If you want to harmonize, I recommend herbs that drive negativity and anti-profit energies away from a business, facilitate partnership, and create a flow of good, productive energy.  If you want to dominate then commanding herbs of course.  If you want to get rid of them, then it should be something of the hot or running feet sort.  If you want additional payback, then balancers are in order.  Which herbs you use depend on what you have available, and what you want to happen.  Here are some examples of the possibilities.

Spiritual push:

  • tobacco – a good offering to almost any Spirits, it also facilitates peaceful relations
  • sweetgrass or bison grass – strongly pulls positive peaceful energy


  • white sugar – neutral harmony
  • honey – warm harmony and attracts money and customers
  • stevia – healthy, healing harmony facilitating honesty
  • licorice – mutually profitable harmony (especially good for long term employers or in a company wherein employees own or earn shares)
  • molasses – dependency, makes the boss understand why they need you there


  • kola nut – creates atmosphere of unity within protocol, politeness, consideration
  • coriander (seeds) – sharpens the intent to get along
  • jopie root (also called gravel root) – reduces tensions and tends to attract generosity and helpfulness from authority figures


  • calamus (sweet flag) root – causes your boss to see you in a good way, covers your mistakes or flaws
  • high john the conquerer root – gives you greater charisma and ability to influence
  • master root (masterwort) – promotes a healthy leadership situation

You can also use specific condition combinations, depending on the problems you’re having at work.  If there is a lot of negative energy, and you think the place needs purifying/clearing, use the “four thieves” herb combination.  If you think there are actual bad energies coming in with people, don’t just fix the boss, bay leaf or anise seed those coworkers. Put some chrysocolla on your desk or in your workplace to keep their negativity away from you, and some unakite to make sure people around behave respectfully.  They make paperweights of both, or you can at least put a small piece in your drawer.  Anoint it with your oils.

Something you keep on your person or in your own workspace may be a good idea, because paranoia abounds, and some have gotten into trouble for scattering things around their workplace or former workplace.  So be careful out there.  People may be watching, and assume you are up to no good.

Oh, and last but not least, let me remind everyone to do divination before starting such a project.  There may be angles and aspects of the situation that you don’t see, but the Spirits do.


Boss Fix Oil (very benevolent, for boss you kind of like as a friend or mentor)

This will make for happy, productive energy at work, and smooth out some of the rough edges that can occur in boss/employee relations that have a higher than normal personal involvement.

You will need:

a 30-60 ml. bottle

  • a small piece of hematite
  • a small piece of carnelian
  • a small piece of heliodor or other yellow beryl
  • a pearl
  • 1 rolled cig worth of natural tobacco from a pack of which the first three or four doses or cigarettes have already been offered to your gatekeeper
  • 3 coffee beans, or a chunk of kola nut
  • 1/4 teaspoon of honey
  • a piece of calamus
  • 3 cumin seeds (to smooth over those rough edges and keep negativity away)
  • 3 grains of rough rock salt
  • sunflower oil


  1. Starting with the hematite, put all of the ingredients in the bottle with intent.
  2. Pour sunflower oil over all to fill the bottle.
  3. Consecrate and tell it your intent before closing it.
  4. Keep it in a cool, dark place for at least 3 weeks.
  5. Put the oil wherever you can that won’t be damaged from greasiness.  Rub it into the wood of your workplace.  Heck, you can even rub this on your hands so it spreads the goodness when you hug your boss or shake their hand.

Orisha followers will want to call on the help of Orunmila, who is in charge of authority and hierarchy.

Boss Fix Powder (not so benevolent, for payback)

You must do this in the utmost secrecy.  Telling someone about it will lessen the impact.  The energies involved with this require that you do not “sell” them.  You are basically making a deal with the person’s own greed and darkness to accelerate their getting what is coming to them.  You are casting your vote for their downfall, and this energetic “ballot” should be secret.  Put your paper, once it has been touched by this powder, under the insole of your left shoe so there is no chance of discovery.

You will need:

  • a piece of black obsidian, crushed into powder
  • some leaving of something the boss has consumed, such as a cigarette butt or leftover food, immolated to make ashes
  • grey salt or salt from evaporated sea water you have gathered
  • a pinch of graveyard dirt, bonus if it is from someone who died because their boss was uncaring or stupid  (make sure to leave your graveyard guardian (like Oya) and this borrowed Ancestor very good offerings)
  • some dirt from a crossroads where you have made offerings to Eshu/your Gatekeeper


  1. Grind these things together in something disposable, with intent.  Tell it that you want payback and why.
  2. Consecrate like any other powder, but wear gloves to handle it after this.
  3. Sprinkle this someplace you know they will step or touch.  It looks like normal dirt, so this should be easy.  Don’t put it someplace it will be easily seen.
  4. Throw away the gloves, and do not look back at the place where you left the powder for at least 99 steps.

You will have good reason to smile soon.  🙂

Here’s another pretty good general boss fix recipe set I’ve found that can work well for the Hoodoo oriented.

Hoodoo Almanac: Boss Fix Day
A great article with general boss fix powder and oil recipes.


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