Ingredient Spotlight: Coriander/Cilantro

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher
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Coriander/Cilantro is one of the most important herbs to have in your “tacklebox”.  It is a famous ingredient in love charms and other love related workings, but what you may not know is that it is also useful in banishing.

How could that be?  It is partly because of the effect that the aroma of it has on the brain.  One either loves coriander or hates it.  It is one of those herbs that nobody can be indifferent about.  When ingested, it acts on the brain through the blood to stimulate higher function.  It activates.  This herb is just as useful for banishing as it is for love because one way or another, it affects things.  So it is also useful for everything in between that has to do with the mind.

Like all plants, cilantro has its own parent Spirit, which is androgynous (and this gives some indication as to its versatility), and each plant its Ndoki.  Their energy is very broad, and oily and sticky, and they will take on the vibrations of beings around them very easily.  So if you grow your own, you can “program” them by talking to them or exposing them to various stimuli.  They can also be planted near other herbs, or their soil fed with small amounts of herbs supportive to whatever purpose they are designated to.

Because this plant is so sensitive and versatile, the conditions under which it is grown make a big difference.  The good news is that most commercial coriander and cilantro is grown fairly close to where it is sold.  So usually all it takes to make them ready for mystical use is passing them through Eshu smoke.

As soon as you do that, don’t be alarmed when you feel what I like to refer to as the “goop”.  This is the merged energies of the plant awaiting your intent.  Be very careful about your thoughts and any talk going on around you before the goop is full of your intent.  It will tell you when it is ready.

To keep it in a goop phase, if you’re just consecrating a batch of it to use later, put it on your Oya space or in an Oya flux box or container.  Best though, if you’re not going to use it soon, is to just keep it in your kitchen.  Its energy stays fairly neutral or happy there.

You can use consecrated coriander seeds in a recipe, and then give each serving’s goop a different intent.

Quick Love Potion

Make some tea for your loved one with a part of a vanilla pod, coriander seeds you have imbued with the desire for them to think of you lovingly and fantasize about you, honey, and milk.  If they might not like it, then use the coriander as part of a chai mix with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and black tea.


Use equal parts of coriander and garlic in a recipe that will allow for it.

Banishing Negative Thoughts or Energies that Attack the Mind

Goop a good hand sized bundle of cilantro leaves with the intent of  giving the client peace of mind.  Dip this in sacred water or a mix of sacred water and oil, and paint them with it from head to toe, only avoiding the eyes and private parts.  It can also be crushed with olive oil and other protective ingredients, and rubbed into the skin.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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