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In my tradition, peaches were a sort of substitute offering for mangoes.  I was told their sweet taste and wet, juicy texture were pleasing to all Spirits, so if I wasn’t sure what to give, then peaches were always a good bet, much like coconut, mangoes, tobacco, and myrrh.  Specifically though, they embodied and promoted fertility, youthfulness, and wellness in the way of preserving the good function of digestive organs.

After having a dream about peaches that heralded the arrival of a friend’s diviner wall hanging of an alligator, I decided to look around and see what else was out there about peaches.  I was very pleased to see that it actually has a long history of magical use.

According to

Peaches are a feminine symbol of love, spiritual fertility, and wishes come true. Serving peach pie to someone helps win his or her love and attention. In Asia, the peach is a symbol of virginity, and the blossoming of the peach tree is a sign of spring and youthful purity. Magic wands made of peach wood are used in exorcisms.

New World Witchery has an excellent page on peaches, and their use in folk medicine and magic.  Something interesting and familiar there was the mention of peach wood wands being used in exorcism.  We used the branches and bark for banishing malevolent forces.  This was done with some words of power and a somewhat aggressive sweeping motion.  Peach flowers were used to ward off negative energy and help people to cheer up if they were feeling melancholy.  The casserole dish type peach cobbler is a dish often brought to grieving people in the south.

Since ancient times in China, peaches have been known to promote longevity and a good quality of life into old age.  They help fight inflammation, and balance the metabolism.  Though they are very sweet, they only have 37 calories.  Something about their flavor makes a little carbohydrate go a long way.  Their glycemic index is only 28 for a small one, to 56 for a large one.

Basically, peaches are an all around positive.  They are sweet, tasty, ward off evil, and promote a long and happy life.  Good stuff!

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