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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher
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Preparing Ouanga

This spell can be used by children who are being abused by a parent or caregiver.  It is not a substitute for telling a sympathetic adult or the authorities.  This is what you do when you have done that, and nobody listened or believed you, or if getting help from humans would put you in further danger.

Eshu is the protector of children, and Orunmila gives or takes away authority.  Nobody can get into any position of power over others without them, and if they abuse their power, it can be taken away.

The reason that bad things happen to us even though the Orishas are strong is because the Orishas are forces of Nature.  In Nature, it is seen that if the parents of any creature do not care for them properly, they will suffer or die.  It is the way of Nature.  It is also however, the way of Nature for the strong to overcome the weak, and the flexible and adaptable to outlive the stagnant and rigid.

Once you take it into your hands to neutralize an abusive parent, you take on the responsibility for your family.  Think very carefully whether or not this is truly worth it.  Sometimes it is better to “do your time” for awhile, if the parent is simply weak minded and hysterical, but not violent enough to do serious injury or harm.  Witchcraft should only be used when there is no other way.

You should be sure that when you take down the monster(s), you do not become the monster who made you.

It is best that this spell be done by the firstborn child, but it can be done by any of the children.

Another thing, DO NOT tell anyone what you are doing.  For this spell to work, it must be a total secret.  Don’t even tell your other siblings.

This is not a curse.  You are merely taking charge of the situation by calling in Eshu to help.

Step 1: Offerings to Eshu and Reporting

For a week, whenever you get candy or sugar or fruit, set aside the first bite or piece or the first spoonful you are given, or take from its container.  Put this in a secret place, in a well sealed container.

The next Monday that you are able to, take what you gathered to the far left corner from wherever you approach a crossroads (intersection).  If there is a circle, you can do this in the middle of the circle.

As if you are playing hide and seek, call Eshu three times.  Then pour the contents at the left corner or the middle of the circle.  Then tell Eshu what has been going on in your home.

When you go back home, pat or knock on the left side of your doorway three times.  Do the same at every doorway you pass.  If the parent is watching, don’t do these things, but if they are not watching, do it.

From the first time you take offerings to Eshu, if they hit you or your siblings, Eshu will hit them.  He usually strikes through “accidents”.  You must be strong when this starts, and not feel sorry for them.  They brought these tragedies on themselves.

Step 2: Call for Backup

Eshu may mess them up so badly that they won’t be as much of a danger to you.  At this point, you should look at your situation again to see if it is safe to call for help from the authorities or family.  You are supposed to behave intelligently since you have taken responsibility.

If it is still unsafe to contact the authorities or family, then contact a priest/ess or sorcerer you know to be real.  You can contact me if you like.  Ask to be placed on their altar for prayer.

Delete any emails or letters or any evidence of your interactions that your abuser may find.  We do not want you to get into trouble, and we really don’t want them trying to reverse the working.

Step 3: Thank Eshu

When your abuser is neutralized, thank Eshu by giving him offerings at least the first Monday of every month.

…and bear in mind what he did for you, he can also do for anyone you have power over.  You must strive to be a fair and just leader and/or parent when it is your turn.

Personal Note

This worked for me when I was 14.  My parents were old fashioned southern Christians who went a little too far with the “rod of correction” on a regular basis.  My brother and I lived in constant fear.When I called to Eshu for help, somehow others were moved to tell my parents that it was wrong for them to beat us so badly.  He hit them where it would hurt, since it didn’t hurt their conscience: their reputation.  🙂

Adult or Peer Helper/Backup

If you are an older sibling who has escaped, or a sympathetic adult or peer of the child or children being abused, you can help with the work.

Make a poppet or mud-doll of the abuser(s) with a copper wire core that goes “from the rooter to the tooter” (from the head to the ass).  This will make them more receptive (read vulnerable) to spiritual influence.

If you don’t have any of their personal effects, remember that a photo given to you by the victim or one of their family members, even online through email, will do.  Just print it out, mark it with guava stick charcoal, and run it through Eshu incense smoke.  If you are a shaman or very good at trance and Collective Consciousness work, you don’t even need that, just their name inked on good paper, papyrus, or animal parchment.  One of the best for this is pomegranate ink because of its underworld implications.

Once you’ve consecrated the poppet, you have some options, depending on what you think a suitable punishment for them would be.  If they have seriously damaged a child, then they are essentially cutting or attempting to cut their own legacy, whether the child is theirs biologically or not.  They are better off dead, even though death may be a mercy for them.  This includes, by the way, emotional abuse that is driving the child to suicidal tendencies.  Use your own discretion.  Nature doesn’t care about the legal definitions of child abuse, or what is “fair” to lawyers.

One thing I like to do is make a mud doll of them that not only has a copper core, but some grains of paradise, sesame seeds, and chopped up pine needles around the heart.  After it is shaped, I like to stick thorns in the hands and mouth, and whatever other parts they are using against children.  This way they fall ill, and their body starts to suffer for every assault they have ever made against any child.

Once the doll is done, take it to a crossroads, and give Eshu some very good offerings.  Bury the doll there.  Bonus if you can sprinkle over this, some graveyard dirt from the grave of a child who was killed by their abuser.

Be advised that when dealing with such negative energy, you will probably suffer a bit.  It is so cruddy that you may even get whatever cold or flu is going around, and have to walk away from the case and the people involved for awhile.  Once you are better though, you will see that it was worth it.  So, so worth it.


K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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  1. Sophie Stevens

    can an adult do the spell if the children are not old enough to do it themselves?

    • Most definitely. Adults have even more options than kids do. With a spell for kids, even kids who have been through hell, there is the worry of possibly corrupting a young mind. So witchcraft geared towards very young witches has to be carefully presented. As an adult though, you can do whatever is within your range and ability.

  2. kirsten morrissette

    Can an adult child do this when dealing with an abusive parent?

  3. When will the spell wear out? How long will it last?I need to know more please.My father was abusive to my late mother and now I’m the one getting the beatings he let’s out his anger on me
    Thinks I owe my life to him but I honestly would care less if I existed. Right now my body is in pain he beat me ruthlessly yesterday I can’t even get up from my bed. I’m so depressed.

    • I’m replying a bit late because I had surgery in February and only recently got back to work somewhat. This is a crossroads working. It will last as long as you feed it regularly by giving observance and offerings to Eshu or your preferred Gatekeeper. You don’t even have to return to the exact same location. Any gate place like a crossroads, corner, doorway, gateway, between two buildings, or between two trees, or archway will do, even a corner or place between two matching candlesticks, pillars, or bowls one with water and one with fire, or one with sand or dirt and one empty except for a spritz of grassy or minty perfume at home.

  4. is this a closed practice ? i have an extremely narcissistic mother who has driven me close to suicide a few times. even blamed me when my step brother and his friends sexually assaulted me. in all honesty the whole family would be better off without her but i don’t want to have anything come back to bite me for dabbling in something i shouldnt

    • All practices are somewhat “closed” in that if you aren’t adhering to any of the related deities with some respect to their ancestral legacy, it’s a bad idea to adopt them. Like if you aren’t observant to Eshu or a related/descended deity, it’s not a good idea to wear or make an Eshu eleke. Best case it would do nothing. Worst case it could invite some very inconvenient or possibly fatal energy to your life, especially if you break any of his taboos.

      Though some of us do most of our witchcraft work solitary, in the spirituality there is no individualism. We are part of a community, whether through family lines, a teacher, or the general community of ATR and overlapping ITR (or AIS/African Indigenous Spirituality and IHS/Indigenous Heritage Spirituality) practitioners around the diaspora.

      You are free however, to learn from wherever you can though. You can’t very well un-know what you know, and if someone is willing to give you some knowledge, they obviously feel you deserve it, and this is what matters most. People worry too much about the opinions of randoms on the internet about what they are an aren’t allowed to do. There is way too much overzealous gatekeeping in the community. It’s understandable in that there are boundaries which should be respected, and nobody owes anyone information, but if someone has done the work then they will get whatever reward they earn despite anyone’s opinion.

      So if you’re already practicing African or diaspora spirituality, then the witchcraft will naturally follow if you’re inclined to witchcraft. You can’t even run from it if you tried if that’s your destiny. It’s a matter of how the spirits relate to you. They hit some people with a more religious tone and others they push outside the box. So keep in contact with the priesthood and/or elders to stay humane and sane, but whether to go there or not is not even up to you, much less someone else trying to contain you.

  5. Can this spell be done by an adult who wants to protect someone else’s kids from their abusive mother? The authorities have been called several times and nothings been done. The situation is horrible. I’m afraid for their safety as well as their mental health.

    • It can, but an observant and concerned adult can go much further than this. This spell was designed for children or teens who may have to act against a parent or relative. If the target isn’t your parent or relative (and even then it would be considered something like cutting out a malignancy), all bets are off. Consider the kids as if they were your kids who you’re protecting from a predator.

  6. Will this work for someone who sexually assaulted a child? I’ve been intuitively notified but have not confirmed with my daughter yet. I fortunately, he has already left the state bc I kicked him out once i received the intuitive message.

    • As an adult protecting your child (and other children he may target in the future), you don’t have the same constraints that children would. Your mind is already prepared for war and you wouldn’t be damaged by having to do active warfare too early in life. So you should take this to your Gatekeeper, Warriors, and Ancestors explicitly and rain punishment on that dude. I recommend offerings of their favorite meat. Bonus, stuff the meat with some personal effect of the guy. Hair, clothes, a napkin he used, whatever. The rest depends on your ancestry and/or spiritual tradition background and where you are in the world.

      If it is possible, once your daughter is ready to talk about it, you should also report him to the police if it is safe to. We are obligated to do whatever we can to get justice in the conventional ways and spiritual ways. This also opens the door for the spirits to work through any relatively decent police if any exist in your area. In the meantime, do what you can to help her heal, and maintain trust between you and your daughter so that she understands it is safe for her to talk to you. When someone has been sexually abused, they often lose faith in all of the adults around them because they don’t know who to trust. Then there is sometimes not really having words for what happened. Sometimes it takes some time.

      If you are in the U.S. you can find a survivors’ support group here:

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