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 I play the Sims. It’s a sort of grown up version of playing dollies. Okay maybe not very grown up, but it’s fun and comforting, and now you can get your Sims into very interesting situations. On Freeplay they can have babies, careers, even grow old and die. I’ve decided that some of mine are, like me, spiritually observant.

On a physical level, virtual practices don’t actually do much except through the mind. They are not a replacement for physical actions that must be done to make things like showing gratitude, petitions, or requests and other observances official. However, they are a good way of expressing your spirituality creatively and performing actions that in the past, would require more paper or minding of activated installations. For those who are children of, initiated into a community egbe of, or deeply observant of Ogun and other technology related deities, they can do more, but those ways are specific to egbe and groups who know to do this properly. There is very little relative to them, that those outside could do with the information safely. However, for the average practitioner, it’s a lot.

I am writing about it because it is an emerging option, and people need to know how to do these things properly if they’re going to try them. Ogun and related deities/forces/archetypes may be very useful to humanity, and very much loved for this, but they are not very humane. They are the deities of invention, technology, metallurgy, computers, and the like, but they are also the deities of guns and nuclear weapons. Working with them and things in their domain requires some mindfulness and care. So by publishing this information, I am in no way minimizing its gravity. This is for safety because since technology has moved forward and people are going to try it, I’d like to do some damage control.

Like widespread literacy changed the culture of conjure, so did computers and the internet. There is plenty that the average witch can do at their keyboard, but don’t let this fool you into thinking of it as “easy”. A disclaimer, just as herbal and ceremonial information is not a replacement for medical care, online tools and workings are not a replacement for offline observance or for that matter, site security and maintenance. The tips in this article are for an additional boost and won’t protect your site from bad code or neglect.

Before we even start, if you’re going to be doing any computer/network/internet based magic or observance, you need to be good with your Gatekeeper and Tech deities. If you lean monotheist/Oneness focused (as some Christian and Jewish mystics do), this means the “Hand of God” and related angels. You don’t have the option in this case of glomming these aspects of Divinity in with the general umbrella of El. If you are uncomfortable with this then this type of magic is not for you. The psychological boundaries are necessary to stay humane.

Evil Eye and the Internet

First the obvious practical application: evil eye protection. Yes, that jealousy and ill will can affect you through your site and social media. Especially if your content is popular or has a small but strong following, you will have haters. Putting some anti evil eye symbols here and there won’t hurt at all. You can make them part of the design.

Some may not like to hear this, but it is not a good idea to post any photos of your (or anyone else’s) kids online until those people are at least 12 solar years old.  If you do, you put them and their family at risk of being drained by random people’s envy and sadly maybe even lust. You don’t know who is out there and remember, despite the wishful thinking of popular religions, everyone has a spark of the Divine, and this can be used for humane or inhumane ends. Harmful people often get away with the things they do because well meaning people are ignorant and naive. Don’t be ignorant and naive.

If you must post images of your children because they are artists, activists, or under a deity who empowers them through charisma, it is crucial that you embed some evil eye protection in these images. Make it part of their logo or put protective symbols or a commonly used affirmation or prayer in the credits or introduction.

If you are showing any of your talent, accomplishments, talking about your relationship, or anything that may inspire any kind of longing or jealousy, it is important that your content is marked or includes some protective features.

Some examples:

against evil eye

anti evil eye relationship specific

anti evil eye specific to relationships

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