Foot Track Powder Against Rapists and Sex Offenders

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thorn bush The usual disclaimers apply to this working. This is not a substitute for legal action. This is what you do when you don’t have the option or the conventional options have failed to produce a suitable result. Another important thing about this working is that it is aggressive magic that can be done by a spiritually observant layperson who is not necessarily a witch or sorcerer. However, it is better when it is done by someone who is skilled. For this type of crime, it is the Ancestors who have the most interest in payback, so the only spirits that are necessary to call for this work is your Gatekeeper and Ancestors. It’s nice though, if someone has a relationship with others and can boost the intensity.

You will need:

A heaping tablespoon of ground black peppercorns.

A heaping tablespoon of white pepper.

A handful of small “sticker-burrs”, cactus needles, or thorn tips from your local thorn bushes. If using thorns or cactus needles, make sure they are separated from the stem or plant. It also helps to make them very small so it looks like the normal dirt or debris that would be on the ground.

A heaping tablespoon of finely chopped dried senna leaf (not the fruit or flowers). If you can’t find senna that you are certain has no fruit or flowers in it, the leaves of cypress spurge will do just as well.

A red pencil with red “lead”.

A piece of paper.


During an observance for your Ancestors, write down the person’s name or if you don’t know, a reasonable description, and what they did to you using the red pencil. At the end, break and then lick the pencil to “sign” it as you and make it official for your Ancestors. Bundle the paper and pencil together and burn them.

Add these ashes to the rest of the herbs. Leave them in an open jar at your Ancestor altar overnight. Go get some sleep or try to. Let at least 12 hours pass.

Sprinkle a bit of the powder where you know the person who wronged you will step on it. Don’t get caught. They should receive punishment within a month or so. If not, sprinkle again. I have not seen a case where it took more than three tries. Most just take one.

If you or someone you trust with your life can get close enough to them, I also recommend using Bat’s Blood oil.

Blessings and Ase!


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