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return a curse or hex to its sender

return a curse or hex to its sender

Most of the time, people haven’t invested a whole lot into their curses and hexes.  They don’t live a spiritually observant life and they don’t give proper offerings to the deities they’re “working with”, so the only thing that carries their spells is force of will.  This can be powerful, don’t get me wrong, but only if they are sent to someone who is vulnerable and unaware.

This “return to sender” blocking tactic will work against most of these sorts of curses and hexes wielded by the lazy and non devout.

You will need:

  • proper offerings to the Eshu/Gatekeeper/Guardians and Egungun/Ancestors
  • Eshu/Gatekeeper/Guardians oil
  • a black candle  (It can also be black and white or black and red.)
  • a nkisi wrapper/cloth
  • a mirror
  • a knife
  • four nails or pins
  • some sort of rack on which to set the candle while it is burning
  • black or red cord


Preferably when the moon is waning or on a Friday, give the offerings to Eshu (or whoever is your Gatekeeper) and the Ancestors.  Make sure that part of this includes incense.

With the knife, carve your Gatekeeper’s symbol or his/her protection symbol if there is a specific one, into the candle at about the center.  Also make whatever adjustments need to be made so the candle can burn from both ends.

Mark the nkisi cloth with the Gatekeeper symbol, and pin a nail or pin through each corner.  Then place it under the rack.

Position the candle on the rack above the nkisi cloth, so that as the candle burns, the wax will drip onto the cloth.

Position the mirror so that it can “see” the candle.

Focus your intent or speak a prayer that the curse/hex or negative energy sent to you be returned to its sender.  You can try:

Eshu, Master of the Gate

Please return all marks of hate

To their sender known or not

Whether sent cold or whether sent hot.

Light the end to your left, and then light the end to your right.

Keep the incense burning, adding more as needed, until the candle is finished burning.  In the case of a good outcome, it should finish and the remnants drop down to the cloth, at the middle or close.

When it is done, thank the Spirits for their presence and help, and fold in the corners of the cloth while the wax is still a bit soft.

Roll this into a ball as best as possible, and tie it up with red or black cord with as many knots as your tolerance will allow.  There should be at least 12 knots.

Bury this near your doorway or the entrance of your residence.

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  1. All african spells and curse to be send back to the sender to not come back ever and make it a 10 fold on the sender of all curses and spells thank you

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