Protection Charm Against Harmful Suitors, Lovers, or Potentials

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Preparing Ouanga

Ouanga cloths

Since modern times have brought with them many perils in the field of love and romance, things one used to take for granted, one can’t anymore.  Because it takes awhile to know what someone’s true intentions are, but things tend to move quickly in the heat of the moment, it is a good idea to have a little insurance against the effects of someone’s hidden malice or stupidity.

This is not a love spell.  It will not make a lover or potential more enamored with you, but it will protect you from harm from them, and buffer your heart against undue suffering if they should leave.  It is explicit permission for your Ancestors, Warriors, and Guardians to act at their will, not waiting for you to call, if the man or woman you’ve been in contact with has any harmful intentions, or will do you harm because they are broken or badly raised.  If they mean you any harm, or are unsuited for you, they will show you the person’s true face, and neutralize them before they can do any real damage.

For this charm to work properly, you don’t have to be the most observant person as far as ceremony and ritual, but you should be trusting of Eshu or how ever you call your gate-keeper energy/entity.

Preparing the Cloth Wrapper

You should have some clean white or natural colored cotton or linen cloths handy for making ouanga/nkisi/”hands”.  First, pass them through the smoke of Eshu/Gate-keeper incense.

Then, these should be washed in consecrated salt water or sea water with songs or chants to Yemaya or your faith’s Mother of Earthly/Physical Life. 

Then they should be washed in consecrated tap water or fresh spring water with songs or chants to Oshun or your faith’s romantic love Goddess.

Let them dry in the sun.  Then they are ready to use.  Keep them in your normal storage place.  Alternatively, you can wash a whole cloth this way and cut as you go, but after a wild night, you may not have time or energy for this.

Making the Charm

You will need:

  • a black pen consecrated to Eshu/Gatekeeper or a guava twig burned at one end for writing
  • From your lover or potential, personal effects such as hair, a used condom, cigarette butts (3), tissue with some of their secretions or semen, fingernails or toe nails from their left side, or a small piece of their clothing
  • paint or ink with your moon blood or if you are male, semen expelled during a nocturnal emission
  • a nice sized chunk of dragon’s blood
  • 2 cowrie shells
  • 5 natural pearls or 5 pieces of amber consecrated to Oshun/Love Goddess
  • a needle consecrated to Ogun/Earth or Metallurgy God, and thread

First, with the black pen or guava twig, mark the cloth on the upper left hand side with the symbol of Eshu/Gatekeeper.

Then, using your moon paint, mark the center with a symbol or sigil to petition the Spirits to protect you from any harmful intentions or actions of the lover/potential.

Then place their personal effects at the center, on top of the symbol for protection.  Relax for a moment, and visualize some activities you’ve done together.

When the moment passes, place the dragon’s blood, the cowrie shells and pearls on top of the personal effects.  (If they are of recent African ancestry, you may want to sew the cowrie shells to the outside for pretty-factor, especially if they are particularly hot/stylish.)

Fold the end with the Eshu/Gatekeeper symbol down first.  The fold in the two sides.  Then tighten it up, and finally wrap the last end around so it forms a nice, tight bundle.

Then sew it securely with intent.

If you feel driven to, you may also wrap this seven times with red string, sew coins or more shells or beads to it.  Go with the flow of your feelings in this.  Just remember, this is for protection from the harm they can do to you.

Keep this charm in your underwear drawer, but not near any shoes or socks.  Putting it in or near shoes or socks will surely make them run away, so don’t do that until you’re trying to get them out of your life.

If the person ever leaves, abandons, or fails you, even though you will recover, take this to your local priest/ess of Oshun, elder child of Oshun in your ile, or whoever is your specialist in matters of the heart to properly dispose of it.  If you don’t have one, write to me.

You can do this for a friend.  If they’ve been having bad luck or are a vulnerable, sensitive person, please help them by making protections for them.

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