Golden Love Spell Paper Charm

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Golden Love Charm

Golden Love Charm

This is for women to make a man have extremely intense romantic and sexual desire for you.

You will need:

  • some strong black coffee
  • a good printer
  • a plain piece of high quality printer paper
  • a 3-6 ml. roll-on of Al Rehab Golden perfume oil
  • a black pen
  • some of your menstrual blood
  • some of his semen or something that has his sweat on it
  • some red ribbon or cord, preferably silk


It would be very beneficial if you give offerings to Eshu and Oshun or your preferred Gatekeeper and Love Goddess before doing this spell.  If you do this at a place of fresh water, take some with you and use it to make the coffee.

  1. Print out the paper charm.
  2. Light some incense for Eshu and some for Oshun in separate burners.
  3. Brew a cup of very strong coffee, and add as much sugar as it can take without becoming muddy with sugar.
  4. Pour the cup of coffee outside for your Eshu/Gatekeeper.  Do not clean the cup.
  5. Snap off the roll-on tip and give 1 ml. of the bottle of perfume oil to Oshun.  Feed it to your fetish, or let it evaporate in an oil burner.  Then snap the roll on tip back in.
  6. With what is left, paint over the pitchfork symbol with the coffee.
  7. With the roll-on bottle of Golden, paint over the Goddess.
  8. Write your name at the top right corner.
  9. Write your lover’s name at the bottom left corner.
  10. Dab a little of your menstrual blood and his semen on the red mark at the bottom right corner.  If you don’t have any of his seed, then re-moisten something with his sweat on it, and rub it on that spot.
  11. Pass the paper through the Eshu smoke and the Oshun smoke.
  12. Fold the paper 5 times.
  13. Wrap the paper 7 times with the red cord or ribbon.  Then tie it with 7 knots.
  14. Close the ceremony by thanking the Spirits.
  15. Carry the charm in your cleavage or bra for 5 days.
  16. Wear the oil left in the bottle as a perfume daily until it is gone.  When it runs out, buy another, and do the spell again.  When you do, cut a little piece of the old paper, and put it inside the new charm.  Burn the rest of the old charm with some incense for Oshun.

Your lover will return to you very soon.  Just don’t mess things up and create blockages by nagging him or being too nervous.  Treat your attention and time as if it is precious.


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