Herbal Pain and Inflammation Management With a Magical Boost

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Yemaya Day 2013 As some of you know, I’ve recently encountered some bumps in the road to being a physically healthier person. I got my knees replaced and now I’m working on the teeth. You can read all the gruesome details in my blog. In short, turns out that I did not really have enough room for all my wisdom teeth. They were there, but they were impacting all my other teeth. So I had to get them out and some Emdogain injections. Then apparently like most people with African ancestry, I had a severe inflammatory response.

The pain was insane. Seriously. At times I wondered if my mind would disassociate from my body. However, knowledge gave me the power to deal.

Now, I am going to be very frank in this article, and please understand that I am not a licensed medical doctor. None of this is meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment. In fact it is my hope that you will use this information to support your doctor’s efforts to keep you well.

First tip I am giving is that if it is legal for you, especially if you are diabetic, opt for weed. Marijuana is one of the best options for pain management, especially if the pain lasts more than a few days. You don’t have to smoke it. Use edibles, especially if it’s after oral surgery. The smoking and suction could trigger more inflammation.

If you already have access, the time when you are dealing with pain is a good time to take your medicine at least partly supervised. There is a method of partaking and chanting specific to coping with pain and healing. There are additional herbs that should go with this that an experienced guide knows how to prepare. Even if you know, the company is good to have and to make sure things are done timely and properly.

If you don’t have access to cannabis, like I didn’t during my recent ordeal, the way is a bit more complicated. Don’t be afraid of the conventional medicine. It’s mostly derived from plants anyway. You just need to know what does what and why you should take it, as well as the supportive lifestyle and meditation techniques that will get you through.  Now strap in folks, some of this may surprise you.

Manage The Stress

Warn the people around you that you are not having any b.s. Even if you are a sweet person. create an environment where you can pop off and people won’t take it too personally. Clear your schedule as much as possible. Be okay with telling folks you can’t see them or really need to see them. Try to outsource any chores that will be painful for you during your time.

By the way, this isn’t just for after surgery. If you have high hormonal surges a few days out of the month, set the policy.

You want to manage stress as best as you can to keep your cortisol (basically the “stress hormone”) under control. Higher stress means higher inflammation which can mean higher pain levels. Stress is hard on all your organs, and especially your heart. It is also hard on your liver and pancreas, which leads to the next.

Manage Your Blood Sugar

If you’re diabetic you already know this, but did you know that a big stress or shock could trigger a chain reaction in your body that can make you diabetic? Tempting as it may be during a bout of pain, especially if you have to be on a liquid diet for awhile, those sugary drinks, juices, and sweet porridge will make your life worse. Keep in to a minimum.

If you don’t have one already, get a blood sugar monitor so you can keep track of things. If you spike (300+) the fastest way to get it back down is gentle exercise and drinking some clear water. Just make sure you balance yourself on something, and don’t chug the water. Sip it.

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