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Free Paper Love Charm

Free paper charm to bring the person you love to you


Bring the one you love to you.

Link to this article: https://zindoki.com/RTjiP


    Dip the top left corner in some strong, sweet coffee offered to Eshu.
    Write your name on the left side of the union symbol, and your desired lover’s name on the right.
    Spritz some sweet perfume in the air for Oshun, and then spray a little on the paper where her symbol is.
    Fold the paper five times, and wrap it in a red cloth or bag.
    Carry it with you at all times.

After your lover comes to you with desire, fill it with sugar, and bury it in a crossroads.
If you ever want them out of your life, go to the same spot and pour there a cup of vodka infused for 9 days with rue or walnut shells.

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