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Eshu Symbol

Eshu Symbol


An African diaspora Eshu symbol or ideogram.

A symbol or ideogram for Eshu, Master of the Gate, from the southeastern United States. Note the trident and the crossings, which are common indicators of Eshu and Eshu related Spirits and energies. The curved line is symbolic of waves of the sea. The three dots are to respect Eshu’s ability to close doors to fortune or danger. The three points are to respect his ability to open doors to fortune or misfortune. The actual points are often implied rather than drawn as points in some symbols or ideograms.


  1. Were I to get this tattooed on my body, would that be considered reverential or disrespectful? I honor Eshu daily in prayer, and regularly in offering. I am not initiated into a system or practice. My blood is mixed – – Celtic and Afrikan. My practice is persxnal, I have no one lineage to which I can lay claim. Thoughts?

    • Different egbe have different policies on tattoos of their Gatekeepers’ symbols. The trident, X, and crosses are fairly universal, but if you want to go beyond that to use a symbol from a specific culture, you need to know their guidelines for such things. A tattoo makes you committed to that deity, and you’ll take on obligations accordingly or you’ll suffer.

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