Why We Should Not be Afraid of Our African Ancestral and Elemental Spirits.

Efe West sitting on a hill

  In This Video,I talked about why it we have no reason to be afraid of Our own Ancestors Spirits or Elemental Spirits from Africa contrary to the lie that main stream religion is propagating in order to cut off Africans from their Ancestral spiritual knowledge and cultural heritage so…

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The Largest Club of Pedophiles in the World.(Beware of Church)

In this video,I talked about the constant acts of Child molestation,Rape,Torture and other abuses carried out by the catholic church on innocent children all other the world.I wonder when enough will be enough before the Church should be closed down to give raise to new era of justice and dignity…

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Masturbation & Spirituality: “Any Negative Effects???” Let’s Talk Facts.

Self Love

  In This Video,I talked about the Positive and Negative effects of Masturbation and What i think about the Subject.I was able to trace the origin of Masturbation to the Creation Myth of Ancient Egypt and The scientific viewpoint of the topic of Masturbation and the Superstitious beliefs about Masturbation…

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