How to do a Simple Effective “Return to Sender Spell” with Fertility Leaves and Alligator Pepper.


In This Video,I talked about how you can do a Simple and Powerful Return to Sender Spell with Fertility Leaves aka “Nebouldia Laevis” and Alligator pepper aka “Grains of Paradise”A combination of these two plants are very effective for neutralizing curses and return back Evil vibrations to their Source.Enjoy. To…

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How to Enchant a Mirror for Return to Sender Protection Spell.

  In This Video,I talked about how you can perform a Magick Mirror Spell to protect you and your family from Spiritual attacks.Enjoy #Afroscientificspirituality #Afrowarriors #Spiritualrevolution To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The Second Edition of my book titled “The Interrelationship Between the Evil Forest and…

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The Use of Back To Sender Perfume & Divine Grace Perfume in Christianity and African Spirituality.

  In This Video,I talked about how The Spiritual Perfumes called “Back to Sender” and “Divine Grace” has been hijacked by Christianity for use in their Churches and Prayer Houses.I also talked about how to use the Perfume for Spiritual Works in Both Christianity and African Spirituality.Enjoy #Afrowarrior #Afroscientificspirituality #Afrovegans…

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