Natural Antifungal Treatments With a Spiritual Boost

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preparing herbal wash In this time of the big C, with focus on a very deadly microbe, there is less attention on the more common ones. Some things may be less fatal, but they’re still inconvenient and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, getting things treated can often mean exposure to the more fatal. Not every place has pharmacies that deliver, and not everyone is comfortable with adding to the burden of delivery workers unless it’s an emergency.

I also recently had to deal with things being a little harder to clear after a few weeks on steroid medication. I had to actually use some of the recipes I’m posting here. So in this article, I’ll share ways to help the conventional medication, or get by on less of it in order to avoid some of the nastier side effects like skin thinning.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not going to be one of those articles that tries to sell you the idea that “natural” medicine is better. Most drugs are derived from plants or using chemicals that mimic what some plant or another’s chemicals do. I’m just offering more choices since once you get a fungal infection, it can be a long fight, and in some situations like mine awhile ago, there may just not be enough foot cream in the world. Also, after the initial treatment, it’s a good idea to do maintenance.

Getting started, make sure that you have a good relationship with your deities of infectious diseases and fungi. Sometimes they are the same one(s) but sometimes not. Be very careful though. Some are less humane than others, so less is more. You don’t want to invite them overly enthusiastically, just to show respect. You may not even want to give them a special space on your altar, but include a small item associated with them very near your Gatekeeper. Follow the wisdom of your tradition to the letter if you have a tradition. If you are without guidance, just be super careful and don’t approach them directly. Ask your Gatekeeper to send regards and make sure any offerings reach their proper place.

Once you have consciously included the disease and fungal life deities in your pantheon, you can then bless your supplies and finished concoctions in the smoke of incense or immolations you burn for your Gatekeeper. With Eshu as an example, an appropriate prayer may be something like:

Eshu Elegbara! Master of the gate between the Orun and the Aye!
Please carry these offerings to the appropriate ones who will aid in healing.
I thank you all for the good fortune of survival thusfar.
I thank you for every cell and being within me for all good health thusfar.
Please bless this (item) that it may heal as intended.


This is just an example. It’s a guide, not a formula. Craft your prayer or petition according to your tradition or standards. If you can’t deal directly with certain deities, don’t worry. You can go with the deities of healing instead. I just recommend the direct route because most ATR’s have that option generally. However, there are some individuals with taboos or personal preferences or just haven’t reached a level they feel comfortable working with some spirits. Do it the way your tradition and your soul finds best.

Before we get into treatment ingredients and recipes, let me remind you that I am not a licensed medical doctor. I am just trained and experienced in my family’s and teachers’ folk medicine and spirituality. Do not mistake anything I’m posting here as solid medical advice. Please ask your family doctor before trying any of these. Also don’t use any ingredients that you are sensitive or allergic to.

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