Kindoki Basics: Fetishes

In African and diaspora Kindoki, a fetish is a blessed object, statue, doll, or other figure that embodies a deity, ancestral spirit, or Ndoki.  They are made for many purposes, from protecting a grave site or home, to cursing people with misfortune.  Traditions vary from place to place, family to…

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Kindoki Basics

Here is a list of articles that will help you to become a fairly competent practitioner of Kindoki: Click here for some helpful ebooks on Kindoki and witchcraft. Divination: How to Make Divining Coins How to Read Bones (Osteomancy) How to Read Sheloya’s Hoodoo Bones (Tiles using African/diaspora symbols and…

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Getting Started

Dikenga Cosmogram

Before you do anything involving African mysticism or magic, you need to get to know your pantheon(s).  Though later, you can incorporate others who reveal or have revealed themselves to you, it is important that your basis includes a concept of the Supreme (whether this is a Creator, Spark of…

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