The Use of 999 Lord Krishna Puja & Bint el Sudan Incense Sticks in African Spirituality.

In this Video,I talked about the two most popular incense sticks in West Africa and their differences,similarities and methods of enhancements.I also talked about other substitutes people use for incense offerings like Cigarettes,Weed,Tobacco powder,Talcum powder and Neem Leaves.Enjoy #Afroscientificspirituality #Modernmagick #Neemtree To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific…

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How to Initiate Yourself into African Spirituality. – YouTube

How to Initiate Yourself into African Spirituality

In This Video,I talked about how you can Initiate yourself into African Spirituality and the meaning and basis of initiation and what it entails and warning signs to look out for when you are approached for initiation.Enjoy To learn more, take my Master Classes in AfroScientific Spiriituality. The Second Edition…

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Kindoki Basics: Fetishes

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