The Use of Back To Sender Perfume & Divine Grace Perfume in Christianity and African Spirituality.

  In This Video,I talked about how The Spiritual Perfumes called “Back to Sender” and “Divine Grace” has been hijacked by Christianity for use in their Churches and Prayer Houses.I also talked about how to use the Perfume for Spiritual Works in Both Christianity and African Spirituality.Enjoy #Afrowarrior #Afroscientificspirituality #Afrovegans…

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Oil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? When to Use What | Witch University

There are many concoctions used in witchcraft. The most commonly seen are potions, oils, incense, and powders. Soaps, lotions and creams, ointments, gels, waxes, solvents, dissolving pellets, foods/consumables, steam, and sometimes even ice is used in witchcraft. It is a good idea to know when to use what. via Oil,…

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