Cleansing the Seed

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Sheloya on Yemaya Day 2013

Sheloya at Hof Dado in Haifa, preparing to give offerings to Yemaya.

Changing the blood will permanently and fully detach you from personal effects you have left behind anywhere.  Sometimes though, you don’t quite need all that.  In the case that you have otherwise been very careful, but all of the things you’ve left behind have been during or because of sex, you just need to change your seed.  Mind you, this will only work if you have never done any magical work with them that did not involve or relate to your own relationship with them.

To cleanse your seed, you will need to go either to a natural body of water, or one big enough and full of enough healing and cleansing energy to do the job.  Many people underestimate the gravity of even the most casual sexual relations.  Your bathtub is not big enough.

If you absolutely do not have access to any large body of water or pool, it may be done with soil or sand.  So I will describe both ceremonies.  Also, because you may not have privacy, I will also go into stealth options.

 Water Cleansing of the Seed

Basically, you go to a large body of water or pool prepared to give offerings to Eshu and Yemaya and/or Olokun, Oya and Obatala.  Understand what each of these Orishas has to do with cleansing your seed:

Eshu is the Master of Time, and opens and closes doors.  He is also very sexual and has a lot to do with virility and whether or not the door is open for you to have sex with someone or reproduce with them.  The Ancestors have the most to do with this, but he has his vote.  You want him to close the door between you and your old seed or, if you are female, carrier juices and enzymes.

Yemaya and Olokun cleanse and protect, and create the conditions for fertility.  They are going to be the actual media of your cleansing.

Oya is in charge of the change and transformation.  She also destroys in a sweeping manner.  If you want to be sure ALL is mercilessly cleared, she is the one to go to for this.

Obatala is our shaper, and will reshape and restabilize you after you are cleansed.

Alternatively, according to your preferences, traditions, or for efficiency, you can call on Yembo instead of Yemaya and Obatala separately.  This may be beneficial to children of Obatala.

You should add Oshun if you are doing this at a place of sweet water.

Go and give your offerings and then get in the water.  You should at least submerge or wet yourself up to the navel.  You may sit in the water.  You may wear clothes, but I recommend a robe so that your intimate parts are well exposed to the waters.

Open yourself as much as you can, and if it won’t harm you, drink some of the water.  It doesn’t even have to be a whole mouthful, just a taste is enough.  While you are opening up, let go of any leftover attachment to the person you left your seed with.  Also visualize anything they left in you flowing away with the water.  You will know when you are done.

If you can’t let go fully for some reason, then make a sort of energetic baby of the leftovers, and give it a creative object and mission.  If you can cook, this can be something you cook that you give away.  If you are an artist, it can be a work that you make and give away.  It can also be a plant that you grow, give this energy to, and then give it away.  Note that I am saying that you give it away.  For the moment that you are in the water though, take a small pebble or shell from there and put that energy there.  Whatever you make should involve that item somehow, even just as decoration.  Give it away!

When you are done, thank all the Orishas for cleansing you.  As you go, do not look back directly at the place where you sat until the sun has set and risen again.  Eshu may send people or do things to test you to urge you to look back.  Don’t do it.  If someone asks you where you sat, point, don’t look.  If you left a shoe or whatever there, have someone else retrieve it for you.

If you accidentally look back, go back and sit some more because you didn’t sit long enough.

If, during the sitting, you were sure you picked a good spot, but suddenly big waves start rising up as if to drown you, it is because you have too much sadness about letting go.  This is a test of your resolve.  Get up and resituate yourself…or rethink whether or not you truly wish to let go.

If shortly after you situate, waves start to knock or push you back, again, this is a test of your resolve.  If it is absolutely impossible for you, then for some reason, the Orishas are telling you that your story with that person is not over.  Don’t get yourself killed over it.

If they are throwing you into rocks, or out of nowhere, some glass, rock, or shell launches out to cut you, and you bleed, be cool about this, and bleed out as much as it is not dangerous.  They are changing your blood free of the charge of needing to die and be reborn.  Or they are getting into your bloodstream because you need that.

Changing the Seed in Earth

If you can’t get to a body of water, or you are of a tradition that is more desert oriented, you may change your seed in soil or sand.  It is similar, but you add Ogun to the list.  This is not the preferred method, especially for women.  It is because Ogun’s energy can be very hard to bear and frightening.  So come to this calm and steady.  I recommend drinking a lot of alcohol or using calming herbs.

After giving the offerings, you will need to dig a trench big enough to sit in, and make that area sacred.  Then mix some palm wine, red wine, or pomegranate, tomato, or cranberry juice of high quality mixed with vodka or another clear alcohol, and make some mud using surrounding soil, or clean cosmetic mud base, or sterilized red Earth.  Starting with your navel, and stroking downward, coat your entire intimate area with the mud.  Then sit in the trench, and be buried up to your navel.

Again, you will know when you are done.

When you are done, as best as you can without looking directly at the place your butt sat, cover the area with the dirt that was on you, and try to make it look like nobody was ever there.  Throw some rocks on it randomly, plant some things, cover it with leaves and debris, whatever.

Wash yourself with water or clean sand, depending on your tradition.

Stealth Options

If you don’t have privacy, you may have to be tricky about the offerings.  A public pool can take some degree of corruption without damage.  All the Orishas like honey and sugar.  Pack some of this in your navel or between your breasts before getting into the pool. 

You can whisper calls and hum calling songs.  Nobody around needs to know who you are humming to.

You can also deposit offerings a the crossroads nearest a place, or between buildings.  These are Eshu places, and he will make sure everything is properly distributed.


After the cleansing, it is a good idea to eat cleansing foods and have cleansing drinks.  This is a great time to try the Witch Cake or some consecrated gingerbread at least.


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