Water Memory and The Ancient Science of Water Offerings.How to Program Water to work for you.

In This Video,I talked about the discovery of Water memory by modern Western Scientist,the characteristics of water and The Ancient African Practice of giving offerings to Water bodies and how you can be able to program the water bodies to harmonize with you. To learn more, take my Master Classes…

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How to Remove Negative Karma of Group Decision Making.

In This Video,I talked about a simple powerful spell you can do to remove the effects of Negative karma or repercussions that can result from following orders or being forced to agree to do some evil acts by a group of people that you naturally would never agree to do…

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How To Do Traditional Native West African Spiritual Bath. – YouTube

In This Video,I talked about how to do The Traditional Ancient West African Spiritual Bath With Dogoyaro aka Neem Leafs “Azadirachta Indica” And Mango Tree Leaves and Bark “Maniferica Indica” Which is a very potent mix that can be combined to relive many Spiritual Maladies.Enjoy. To learn more, take my…

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Oya’s Magical Sprays

Oya Magical Sprays

Oya, the Orisha of storms, wind, and air in general, is said to dislike smoke.  So when we are giving observances to her, or asking for her energy for a spell, we usually give her potpourri, sprays, or liquids to evaporate.  In more scientific streams of Vodun, she is also…

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Arden’s HOT Foot Powder

Arden's HOT Foot Powder

 Want to make someone go far, far away?  Try this. Arden’s HOT Foot Recipe Arden’s HOT Foot Powder waiting in the Shango bowl. You will need: dirt and ants collected from an ant hill a handful of black peppercorns a handful of chili peppers a handful of the hottest peppers…

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Cleansing the Seed

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