Divination Incense

This recipe comes from Arden Keren, Conjurer and Ile Baalat Teva’s Senior Child of Oshun.  It’s very simple and straightforward, but the ingredients cover all the bases for what is needed in an incense to facilitate divination and visions. You will need (by weight): 1 part dried guava leaves 2…

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How to Use Deer Musk Pods

Real deer musk can be very expensive, and some people find harvesting of the actual musk producing gland unethical.  Fortunately, during the mating season, many kinds of deer pee all over the place, and rub up against things, leaving their musk around in little hairy balls or pods.  These pods…

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Getting Started

Dikenga Cosmogram

Before you do anything involving African mysticism or magic, you need to get to know your pantheon(s).  Though later, you can incorporate others who reveal or have revealed themselves to you, it is important that your basis includes a concept of the Supreme (whether this is a Creator, Spark of…

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