Prosperity Patties (Oat Cakes)

Oats are a staple food in many places.  In Ethiopia, they are called “aja”.  They have five grams of protein per ounce, and contain iron and a bit of calcium.  For many children, oatmeal is their first solid food.  For many elders, it is part of their last meals.  Soft,…

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What to Do With Your Offering Leftovers

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Don’t throw away those ashes and leavings!  If you’re doing regular observances and offerings, you should be making amulets and talismans using the leftovers.  These have very strong energy since they have been touched by the spirits who received their living essence.  Consider them a free blessing that you can…

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Bird’s Nest Magick

Bird's Nest

Birds’ nests are considered sacred in many cultures.  Among some in the African diaspora in north America, they generally represent family, prosperity, and the Orishas watching us or watching over us.  It is considered very bad luck to disturb a bird’s nest, so if a particular bird’s eggs are needed…

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