Fast Money Oil Recipe

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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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  1. what can i put in my shop to make money & to bring customers in

  2. Thank you for taking the time and making this available to us. I was wondering do we shake this during the three month waiting period?

    • If you are a child of Oya or another storm or earthquake related deity, then I would say to shake it occasionally as you feel led to. Many of us have a shaking day where we shake up our concoctions on our head’s auspicious day once a month or so. This is how we express our intent to help it manifest into the physical realm. Others with different heads may not need to do this…but may need to do different things. Like a child of Oshun may want to clean their jar every Saturday. A child of Shango may feel the need to warm their jar on Fridays. It depends.

  3. Can i substitute things that I’m not able to get do my living conditions

  4. I want my business to generate more money

  5. but how were can i buy it in Nigeria

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