Kindoki Basics

Here is a list of articles that will help you to become a fairly competent practitioner of Kindoki:

Spell to Cure a Wanker Who’s Wasting Your (or His Own) Life

If your loved one (romantic or friend) has a problem with living in a world of fantasy and masturbating rather than having real life relations, this spell may be helpful.  It is meant to motivate him to keep his hands out of his pants, and his face out of the magazines and computer screen, and get him out to the real world of real women. Light a red candle and anoint it with Eshu/Shango oil, …

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How to Make Coffee for Eshu

Except in blood offerings, Eshu is always served first.  One of the things he really loves is spiced coffee.  So here’s a recipe for Eshu coffee that makes a great offering or addition to offerings.  Children of Eshu often like this very much as well.   Related articles across the web Kindoki Basics: Found Eshu Stones Spiced Holiday Coffee Recipe Easy Homemade Caramel Dip and a GIVEAWAY DIY Candy Land: 20 Homemade Candy Recipes 15 …

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Sacred Paint for Seals, Runes, Etc.

If you are physically male, during the full moon when all waters including those of the body “bulge”, do your usual daily observance. Have a vial, a very sharp, sterile blade, some red or black acrylic paint, and a clear quartz crystal that is small enough to go into the vial without taking too much space. From thought alone, clear your mind.  Whichever being comes to your mind after this, imagine yourself in a compatible …

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Witch Cake (For Protection, Cleansing, and Good Fortune)

Give this cake as a gift or feed it to someone who is afflicted with malevolent or unwanted witchcraft.  This is especially useful if the carrier material of the spell was ingested somehow. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

Protection Salts for the Home/Yard

Use this protection salts recipe to protect your home from negative energy and malevolent magic.  Protection salts are sprinkled throughout the home and yard to ward off “evil” (misplaced) spirits and evil people.  It can also neutralize powders and liquids that someone may pour into your yard or doorstep. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

Money House Blessing Spray (Indian Fruit Spray)

Money house blessing is a popular spray to help stabilize a family’s financial situation or increase business.  It is relatively inexpensive to buy in a can, but some people prefer to make their own. More Photos: These lovely photos were provided by Arden Keren, a Two-spirit witch and conjure man focused on practical magick, in Tiberias, Israel.  Please visit Arden’s Arcanum for more advice, recipes, and wisdom.   Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this …

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Protection Charm Against Harmful Suitors, Lovers, or Potentials

Since modern times have brought with them many perils in the field of love and romance, things one used to take for granted, one can’t anymore.  Because it takes awhile to know what someone’s true intentions are, but things tend to move quickly in the heat of the moment, it is a good idea to have a little insurance against the effects of someone’s hidden malice or stupidity. This is not a love spell.  It …

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Return to Sender

Most of the time, people haven’t invested a whole lot into their curses and hexes.  They don’t live a spiritually observant life and they don’t give proper offerings to the deities they’re “working with”, so the only thing that carries their spells is force of will.  This can be powerful, don’t get me wrong, but only if they are sent to someone who is vulnerable and unaware. This “return to sender” blocking tactic will work …

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Quick Peaceful Home Oil

This recipe is for about 10ml of peaceful home oil concentrate.  You can apply it in small amounts on a lightbulb or another warm surface, or put a teaspoon or so in half a liter of water and shake it to make a spray. You will need: 1 10ml vial (or dropper bottles) 1 small piece of jet (if the way to peace is protection from external intrusive forces or influence), black and white agate …

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How to Use Deer Musk Pods

Real deer musk can be very expensive, and some people find harvesting of the actual musk producing gland unethical.  Fortunately, during the mating season, many kinds of deer pee all over the place, and rub up against things, leaving their musk around in little hairy balls or pods.  These pods contain a very good grade of musk that can be used in perfume and spellwork. The problem is that most people don’t really know what …

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Antidepressant Oils

Many scents and scent combinations can be very uplifting or comforting.  To know what is needed, you have to think about what reason the person has for being sad or depressed. Mood Lifting Oil For a smallish dab to inject into a small sachet to put under the pillow, you will need: 5 drops lavender essential oil 5 drops rose absolute 5 drops rosemary essential oil Just mix and inject into a small sachet, and …

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Lucky Hand Oil

This oil is for good luck when playing cards and games of chance.  Put a few drops in your hand lotion, and rub it on before playing.  You can also “feed” this to your lucky talismans. You will need: one 10 ml. vial 1 small piece of jet (lignite) 1 small piece of pyrite or a gold leaf 1 small piece of red jasper 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg 20 drops jasmine oil 10 drops …

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How to Make Divining Coins

Sometimes you just need a yes or no answer, and for this, a divining coin can do the job.  People who may benefit from this the most will be children of Eshu/Gate Keeper who know how to ask the right questions. For a temporary one-time use, you can take just about any coin and run it through Eshu incense smoke, and it’ll do the job for the moment.  To make a permanent coin though, you …

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Divination Incense

This recipe comes from Arden Keren, Conjurer and Ile Baalat Teva’s Senior Child of Oshun.  It’s very simple and straightforward, but the ingredients cover all the bases for what is needed in an incense to facilitate divination and visions. You will need (by weight): 1 part dried guava leaves 2 parts frankincense 1 part dried roses 1 part dried bay leaves Starting with the dried guava leaves, add and then mash the ingredients together with …

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Unofficial Ifa Incense

Even though initiation is required for Ifa priesthood, everyone who does any sort of divination owes this ability to Orunmila.  So we should all be giving him offerings and respect, especially if we are using any system that relies on numbers and corresponding verses, be they from the Odu Ifa or any other religious text. You may find this incense helpful if you are using the opele/awpele, coins, dice, dominos, numbered or marked tiles, or …

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Money Drawing Incense

Sweet Fortune Prosperity Incense You will need: the contents of one vanilla bean 6 grains of paradise (or 3 black peppercorns) about 2 tablespoons of benzoin 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon allspice 3 whole cloves 1 bay leaf 1 gold leaf Starting with the vanilla, grains of paradise and benzoin, grind everything together in a mortar and pestle.  Give the first dose to Eshu (or your Gate Keeper), and the next to Oshun (or your …

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Money Drawing Incense for Businesses

Attract Paying Customers Incense (big batch) You will need: 3 black peppercorns 15 cloves 25 balls of allspice 1 cigarette of very fine tobacco 50 grams cedar chips 50 grams sandalwood or camwood chips 1 heaping tablespoon aloeswood powder or chips 15 drops attar of roses 5 drops orange essential oil 1 teaspoon brown sugar 5 gold leaves a pinch of dirt or soil from just outside the door of the building where your business …

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Favorable Incense

If you need someone to view you favorably, burn this before they visit. You will need: the contents of 1 vanilla bean 1 tablespoon frankincense 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder 1 teaspoon wild cherry bark 1 teaspoon chopped pine needles 1/4 dried lemon peel, crushed or chopped as well as possible Starting with the vanilla bean, mash and grind the ingredients together as well as possible.  Consecrate as you normally would. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link …

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Vision Incense

Use this incense to enhance your trance. You will need: 3 cloves 1 tablespoon myrrh 1 tablespoon benzoin 1 tablespoon copal a few drops of labdanum a small handful of helichrysum arenarum, chopped as well as possible a small handful of tobacco a small handful of blue lotus Starting with the cloves, crush them and the resins and labdanum together.  Chop the other herbs as well as possible and mash them in.  Consecrate according to …

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Love Potion

You will need: 1 vanilla bean, split open 1 tablespoon pomegranate flower petals for tea 1 tablespoon blue lotus 1 cut open and dried out passion fruit about 2cm chunk of dried ginger the zest of a tangerine a pinch of cinnamon a pinch of nutmeg 1 allspice seed 1/2 cup of sugar or honey 1 and 1/2 cup 90% to pure alcohol Starting with the vanilla bean, put all ingredients into a bottle or …

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Black Love Incense

This is a more mystical version of Black Love incense.  It still basically smells like, “two African Americans making love in a hot tub”, but it is made to inspire with a bit more push. You will need: the insides of one vanilla bean 1 teaspoon benzoin 1 teaspoon myrrh 1 heaping teaspoon dried coconut with no sugar added 1 teaspoon white sandalwood 5 drops attar of roses 5 drops neroli oil 2 drops saffron …

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Snake Charmer Sexy Incense

Burn Snake Charmer incense before your male lover arrives to let him know good things are about to happen.  This sexy incense makes men crazy with desire. You will need: the contents of 1 vanilla bean 3 heaping teaspoons myrrh, frankincense, or benzoin 2 teaspoons sandalwood 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon cardamon 1/4 teaspoon ginger (if it is for a husband or a specific lover with whom you are monogamous, replace this with galangal and …

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Oshun and Oya Seduction-Chaos Cake

Before we begin, let me just say that this cake is dangerous.  If the union is not completely against his Nature, it will cause the man to want to make passionate love with its maker.  Treat this recipe with the utmost care because if a person actually does give in to their desires, and feels some guilt for it afterwards, it can make them hate you later as much as they wanted you at the …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Kola Nuts

Kola is an important nut in west Africa, and by extension in some diaspora traditions.  However, in the north American diaspora, it is rarely heard of.  In my opinion, this needs to be remedied.  It embodies hospitality, good will, and unity. Rather than repeat what has already been written on the subject, here are some links about kola and how it is used in Africa.  After this, I have more to say about its use …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Peaches

In my tradition, peaches were a sort of substitute offering for mangoes.  I was told their sweet taste and wet, juicy texture were pleasing to all Spirits, so if I wasn’t sure what to give, then peaches were always a good bet, much like coconut, mangoes, tobacco, and myrrh.  Specifically though, they embodied and promoted fertility, youthfulness, and wellness in the way of preserving the good function of digestive organs. After having a dream about …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Bay Leaves

Bay leaf has a variety of uses in magic and herbal medicine.  It is extremely helpful in sparking prophetic visions, lucid dreaming, and contemplation for the purpose of finding the reality of a situation or solving a dilemma.  It is an excellent addition to a potpourri or incense for divination. There is already a lot written about the medicinal and magical properties of bay leaf, and again I’d like to avoid rewriting what has already …

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Good Girl Oil

If you’re a marriage minded young lady this oil will help to make that very clear to the men around you.  If you are a “bad girl”, but don’t want people to know that, or need to shake off your past, or want to cover up your dirty deeds, you can also use this.  Just a word of caution though, this may prevent men from seeing you as a prospect for sex alone, so it …

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Free Paper Charm to Find a Good Husband or Wife

Click on the image to get instructions for using this free paper charm. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

Free Paper Love Charm

Click on the image for instructions on how to use this free paper love charm to bring the person you love to you with desire. Be mindful that one cannot force a person into love.  In order for it to work, the Ancestors must approve, and the individual must be willing to follow their subtle, natural influence.  This is a very mild love charm and spell, but if there is something in their heart for …

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Changing the Blood and Getting Rid of Old Personal Effects

Wherever we go, we leave behind parts of ourselves.  Some of these parts can be used by others to influence us magically or through the Collective Consciousness/Unconscious, depending on which you believe.  Also, if we do this sort of work, the things we save from others have an energy that can affect us. So it is highly important for all involved in mystical work, even if it is as simple as healing, to know how …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Coriander/Cilantro

Coriander/Cilantro is one of the most important herbs to have in your “tacklebox”.  It is a famous ingredient in love charms and other love related workings, but what you may not know is that it is also useful in banishing. How could that be?  It is partly because of the effect that the aroma of it has on the brain.  One either loves coriander or hates it.  It is one of those herbs that nobody …

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Cleansing the Seed

Changing the blood will permanently and fully detach you from personal effects you have left behind anywhere.  Sometimes though, you don’t quite need all that.  In the case that you have otherwise been very careful, but all of the things you’ve left behind have been during or because of sex, you just need to change your seed.  Mind you, this will only work if you have never done any magical work with them that did …

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Video: How to serve Warriors with Witchcraft

Arden has posted a new video on Youtube about the special considerations when doing mystical work to serve warriors. ? How to serve Warriors with Witchcraft – YouTube. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

Boss Fix Spells

Boss fix spells are to protect you from those who have some worldly advantage over you.  They can be used to create harmony between you and your boss, or to get rid of a really bad boss who is making life unnecessarily difficult for the workers.  Which should be used depends on which you need. As with many things, traditions vary.  Most boss fix spells I’ve seen are incomplete because it seems some steps may …

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Arden’s HOT Foot Powder

 Want to make someone go far, far away?  Try this. Arden’s HOT Foot Recipe Arden’s HOT Foot Powder waiting in the Shango bowl. You will need: dirt and ants collected from an ant hill a handful of black peppercorns a handful of chili peppers a handful of the hottest peppers you can find (scotch bonnet, scorpion peppers, etc.) about a tablespoon of sulfur (optional) a dried whole scorpion OR a tablespoon each of China berry …

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Video: How to Use and Care for Zuni Fetishes

Someone searching one of my sites asked what was the proper way to consecrate Zuni fetishes, and I didn’t know, so I asked Arden who collects many, and has plenty of experience with them.  He made this video for us, and here it is.  Thank you, Arden!  πŸ™‚ ? Zuni Fetishes Care and Use – YouTube. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

Kindoki Basics: Fetishes

In African and diaspora Kindoki, a fetish is a blessed object, statue, doll, or other figure that embodies a deity, ancestral spirit, or Ndoki.  They are made for many purposes, from protecting a grave site or home, to cursing people with misfortune.  Traditions vary from place to place, family to family, and person to person, as far as how they are customarily made and blessed.  So here, I will be posting general guides for how …

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Kindoki Basics: Found Eshu Stones

When you find a stone that is shaped like a dome, a male child’s or elder’s face, or is somewhat phallic and able to stand on its own, it can be an Eshu.  If it is small, it can live on your altar or be placed near the entrance or entry path or a suitable corner of someplace you consider sacred, special, or in need of protection. That it has lived outside in raw Nature …

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Oya’s Magical Sprays

Oya, the Orisha of storms, wind, and air in general, is said to dislike smoke.  So when we are giving observances to her, or asking for her energy for a spell, we usually give her potpourri, sprays, or liquids to evaporate.  In more scientific streams of Vodun, she is also fed through Iroko or by watering other tropical plants with large leaves who would feed her relatively quickly and well, and make it rain more.  …

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Love Spells

I don’t just write about witchcraft.  I actually do it.  This page was an announcement back in 2014, for the special discount during the Oshun festival.  It’s outdated, but I figured that instead of just deleting the page, I’d keep it up to describe the process of ordering a love spell from me, and give some advice about love spells in general. Different rootworkers, sorcerers, and priest/esses have different ways of tackling the issue of …

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Fertility Herbs, Spells, and Charms Part 1

If you or someone you know is trying to conceive, or has trouble carrying to term, there are many ways you can make things easier. Once you’ve covered the bases, and made sure the Ancestors are okay with your choice of partner, you want to avoid foods and herbs that may cause problems.  Different people are more or less sensitive to different things.  If you are European, foods in the nightshade family may make problems …

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Fertility Herbs, Spells, and Charms, Part 2: Fertility Deities

When you are trying to make a pregnancy happen, it is important to give special observance/offerings to the deities who make that happen.  This will vary by tradition.  In Zindoki and other west and central African belief systems though, we believe that the physical and spirit realm overlap quite a bit, so observance and offerings become a part of one’s lifestyle.  Taking care of a deity’s children, or receiving blessings from their children is like …

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Fertility Herbs, Charms, and Spells Part 3: Example Fertility Working

Fertility Ceremony and Charm to Help Someone Get Pregnant You will need… To open the gate: Eshu incense Oshun incense For the wash: the contents of one vanilla bean 1 cup crushed cilantro or the equivalent made with dried cilantro and water 1 cup mustard greens 1 mashed up lemon or orange a handful of rose petals 1 cup of honey or sugar 2 tablespoons sunflower seed oil sweet water, if needed, to make it …

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Bird’s Nest Magick

Birds’ nests are considered sacred in many cultures.  Among some in the African diaspora in north America, they generally represent family, prosperity, and the Orishas watching us or watching over us.  It is considered very bad luck to disturb a bird’s nest, so if a particular bird’s eggs are needed for a working, or one has to cut down a tree where birds are living, offerings are given to the Mama and Papa Bird of …

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Go Away Evil! Spray Recipe

In east coast Obeah and southwest Brujeria and Kindoki, Go Away Evil spray is very popular.  Almost nobody makes it from scratch anymore though, and I think that is a shame.  It smells nice, and it is really hard to be negative with this scent around.  Almost everybody who’s used it has seen how well it works, which is why it is so popular and widespread.  I myself have seen people who were hard core …

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Eshu Oil Recipe and Variations

Eshu oil is one of those simple, basic recipes that every witch delving into west African spirituality and magick must have in their toolkit.  It is relatively easy to make with a little patience.  A standard recipe often used in the African diaspora is as follows: On a Monday, gather the ingredients together before you do your offerings, and put them on a plate.  You will need: a clean jar up to about half a …

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Liquid Funk: A Milder Shango Oil

In honor of the World Sango Festival, here is a recipe for a wearable Shango oil that should help those who are not children of Shango to score more consistently.  Children of Shango can wear it as a tribute. You will need: 6 drops of wearable Eshu oil 6 drops of sandalwood oil 6 drops of rose attar or absolute 6 drops of patchouli oil 6 drops ambrette (Abelmoschus moschatus) absolute 3 drops of bergamot …

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Fertility Oil for Women

This oil will enhance fertility in women.  Use it as  body oil, making sure to cover the breasts, hips, and thighs well. You will need: 3 English pepper (allspice) seeds 1 vanilla pod, opened and cut into 5 pieces 5 dried blackberry leaves 1 eucalyptus leaf a teaspoon of fenugreek a handful of dried orange peels a handful of cinnamon chips the dried seeds of 5 okra/bamia a teaspoon of unrefined sesame oil 1 square …

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Kid Safe Monster Spray

Sometimes children with the special sight have nightmares and other night time disturbances.  They can’t always tell who is friendly, neutral, and not, so this combined protection and evil banishing spray will give them some peace of mind.  This recipe is made with non toxic ingredients, so it is safe to spray around liberally. You will need: a small piece of black obsidian, consecrated to Eshu the Protector around 1/2 liter of water a pinch …

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Shango Smoulder Incense: A Non Teargas Version of Shango Incense

The normal Shango incense given in observances will literally clear a room, so it is usually burned outside.  One may not want to go to such extremes in every occasion.  So here is a milder version I call “Shango Smoulders”. You will need: 3 coffee beans 1/4 teaspoon hot red chilli powder a handful of benzoin chips a handful of dragon’s blood a handful of cinnamon chips a handful of sandalwood 30 cloves a handful …

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In a Pinch: Popular Products That Can Be Used in Witchcraft

At and my other sites, I favor natural ingredients made from scratch.  These things aren’t always available to everyone though.  It is a good idea to be adaptable and use what you have to get things done.  Many good things can be found at your local drugstore.  This is also a good idea when you have to hide the nature of your craft from others. So in this article, I’m going to list some …

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Stop Child Abuse Spell

This spell can be used by children who are being abused by a parent or caregiver.  It is not a substitute for telling a sympathetic adult or the authorities.  This is what you do when you have done that, and nobody listened or believed you, or if getting help from humans would put you in further danger. Eshu is the protector of children, and Orunmila gives or takes away authority.  Nobody can get into any …

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China Rain Oil Recipe (for Bringing New Love and New Stuff in General)

The original China Rain oil designed by the Terra Nova company brought “rainy” scents into popularity.  There were many copies, but one stream stood out.  These were the versions made by African spiritual scentologists with stands in Venice Beach California.  Because of its ingredients (which may or may not be very different from the original), the raining aspects of it actually worked, and it became a staple ingredient in the spiritual community. Alas, markets shift, …

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Egyptian Musk Oil Recipe

Egyptian Musk is a very popular scent, but recipes vary.  The sort that I prefer is the 80’s version that was light, sweet, and simple.  It was great worn alone, but also helped to soften other spicier scents, making them less “heavy” or “old lady”, and more youthful. When it is blessed by Oshun, its already attractive attributes are magnified tenfold.  This is what you want to be wearing to drive your potential partner crazy.  …

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Spell and Recipe Requests

Is there a spell or recipe that you’d like to see on If so, make a post in the forums in Spell and Recipe Requests. You can also help with your experiences trying various spells.  If you’ve tried something, and it didn’t work, post about that too, and maybe get an explanation why. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

How to Make a Dirt Doll (Voodoo Doll From Dirt)

My first dirt doll was made with dirt, powdered bird poop, and the urine and other bodily remnants of my enemies.  I stand by that recipe, given to me by elders, as one of the best. At the risk of someone out there remembering where they met me, I’ll tell the story.  At the tender age of 5, I was being picked on by some of the kids in the day care.  Two were particularly …

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Golden Love Spell Paper Charm

This is for women to make a man have extremely intense romantic and sexual desire for you. You will need: some strong black coffee a good printer a plain piece of high quality printer paper a 3-6 ml. roll-on of Al Rehab Golden perfume oil a black pen some of your menstrual blood some of his semen or something that has his sweat on it some red ribbon or cord, preferably silk Instructions: It would …

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Leave Me Alone Banishing Spells

Sometimes you have someone who is annoying or harassing you, and the only thing that will latch them off is divine intervention.  There are a few things you can use, like Hot Foot powder or Go Away Evil! spray, and protection workings, if they are an actual bad person.  Sometimes they’re not bad and don’t have harmful intentions though.  They’re just annoying and impossible to get rid of by conventional means. Before you undertake this …

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New Forum Topic: Avon Perfumes Used in Conjure

Have you ever used Avon perfumes in conjure?  Would you like to?  Join our topic in the forums: Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

Vampire Repellents

Spiritual people have very good reason to be aware of vampires and vampiric energy.  Though every living being, in their way, needs to feed on other life in order to live, the vampiric entity does so more voraciously and inconveniently than may be comfortable or appropriate, if left unchecked. It is important to understand that these entities are not in any way unnatural, and whether or not one deserves the label “evil” is a matter …

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How to Make Magickal Oils Properly

Oil recipes abound, but very little is written about the process of making magickal oils.  An oil evaporates more slowly than something water or alcohol based.  It stays liquid and active longer once exposed to air. Oils also have a long shelf life without the need for absolutely sterile conditions.  They lubricate.  They can be emollients to hold moisture in.  They can form a protective layer to keep things out.  All around, oils are a …

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Magickal Ingredient Substitutions

Many times when we are publishing instructions and recipes, we forget that not everything is available or appropriate for everyone in the world.  Different local environments, economies, customs, and taboos all come into play.  It is a good idea to at least mention possible substitutions. In the case that you are reading a recipe and may not know what would be an appropriate substitute for an ingredient, think of it the same way you would …

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How to Use a Witches’ Cauldron

A cauldron is basically a pot.  If you are an Orisha adherent, you should have an iron cauldron or pan to embody Ogun.  Traditions vary as to whether or not you are permitted to put this cauldron to use for purposes aside of embodying him.  Any metal pot or tool or technological object you use belongs to him, and in my family, we believe that a tool loves to work.  So for us, it is …

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B.S.A. Balm: Homemade Antibacterial Ointment

The B.S.A. stands for “broad spectrum antibacterial”.  This is a simple homemade antibacterial ointment or balm that should kill most bacteria on the skin and prevent infection of minor wounds.  It’s basically “home made neosporin” just that it doesn’t cause resistant bacteria to spawn. It works well enough with just its mundane properties, but should work even better if you consecrate and bless it. B.S.A. Balm – Homemade Antibacterial Ointment Recipe You will need: a …

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Oil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? When to Use What | Witch University

There are many concoctions used in witchcraft. The most commonly seen are potions, oils, incense, and powders. Soaps, lotions and creams, ointments, gels, waxes, solvents, dissolving pellets, foods/consumables, steam, and sometimes even ice is used in witchcraft. It is a good idea to know when to use what. via Oil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? When to Use What | Witch University. Print this page πŸ™‚ Link to this article:

What to Do With Your Offering Leftovers

Don’t throw away those ashes and leavings!  If you’re doing regular observances and offerings, you should be making amulets and talismans using the leftovers.  These have very strong energy since they have been touched by the spirits who received their living essence.  Consider them a free blessing that you can give to your clients and fellow participants in ceremonies. You should also use the ashes or leavings from offerings given for specific spells or workings …

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Do it Yourself Wanga Mojo Gri Gri Bags | Obeah Woman

These instructions are designed for economy, with materials that one should be able to find fairly easily or at least order online inexpensively. Their effectiveness will depend on how observant you are to the energies they’re built to draw or embody. If you would like to order a special bag from me, a button is provided under the DIY instructions. via Do it Yourself Wanga Mojo Gri Gri Bags | Obeah Woman. Print this page …

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Ogun Computer Cleaning Potion

Ogun is the Master of Technology, so it follows that one would want his blessings on their hardware and gadgets.  Here is a recipe for a computer cleaning potion using Ogun herbs.  For this, you will need to use a lab or cooking-worthy glass or “pyrex” bowl or beaker for preparation, and store it in a glass bottle with a cap that screws on tightly. Anti Dumbass Disclaimer: If your manufacturer says that you should …

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The Slippery Spirit: A Survey of Florida Water, the Hoodoo Holy Water

Florida water is a traditional scent blend of unisex perfume, or more correctly, an eau de toilette. When one blends notes of citrus, lavender and a spice like cinnamon and/or clove, one has blended β€œFlorida Water.” At one time, there was no one correct formula for this scent. It was usually made by pharmacists (β€œdruggists” or β€œchemists”) to meet the demand in their area, though large companies were manufacturing it for sale world-wide. via The …

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Ethnopharmacology of single herbal preparations of medicinal plants in Asendabo district, Jimma, Ethiopia

Medicinal plants have been used to prevent and treat various health problems. Several African and Asian nations are now encouraging traditional medicines as an internal component of their public healthcare programmes. Indigenous medicines are relatively inexpensive and locally available and readily accepted by local population. Ethiopia has an enormous resource of plant species that are used in traditional medicine. Among the 7,000 higher plant species that are known to exist, about 800 of them are …

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Come To Me Oil and Incense Recipe

Come To Me condition oil is an old formula used to motivate someone to come to the wearer.  It can be used to draw a specific person, or to draw someone from the Universe so to speak.  In the latter case, it is very useful in cultures wherein people tend to be overly shy about making their interest known.  It can inspire those who are attracted to actually do something about it.  In the former …

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Hummingbird (Chuparosa) Oil Recipe

Hummingbird oil is a condition oil formula that is made to ensure fidelity in a romantic relationship.  It works best for people who are married, have children together, or have been committed to each other for more than 5 years.  It can prevent a partner from straying or leaving, or in a polygamous situation, help to keep one’s place. The popular recipe for this uses rose, honeysuckle, frangipani, and jasmine oil, but my recipe is …

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Follow Me Boy Oil Recipe

Follow Me Boy is an old standard recipe used by prostitutes to stand out among others, but may also be useful for merchants at festivals and markets.  You wear it with whatever other perfumes or colognes you do normally, but in my experience it works best with fruity citrus scents. It is also useful in beauty pageants and other situations in which you would be surrounded by competitors, and want to shine.  I recommend adding …

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Bend Over Oil Recipe

Some situations demand that you dominate a person.  Here is an old standard recipe that will suit most situations.  Mind you, this is not a “zombie” oil that will turn off their mind and make them your slave.  It will however, help you to achieve the upper hand when dealing with them. Ingredients: 3 roasted coffee beans a piece of orris root that would amount to about a teaspoon if powdered 6 cm. calamus (sweet …

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Van Van Oil Recipe

Van Van is used to increase the likelihood of success in many areas of life.  It is an overall good luck enhancer, and is used to anoint all sorts from rabbit’s foot charms to mojo bags. The usual recipe (for a 100 ml. bottle) is: a small piece of pyrite (fool’s gold) a handful of lemongrass or 20 drops lemongrass oil 15 drops citronella oil 15 drops palmarosa oil 15 drops vetiver oil sweet almond …

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Firey Wall of Protection Oil

This oil is used for general but intense protection.  You can put it in the corners or the bottom left corner of doorways of places you want to keep negative/inappropriate energy or people out of, or neutralize them if you have to let them in (such as in a workplace).  It is also used for literal protection in dangerous situations.  Additionally, it is used to dress candles for spells of protection. Ingredients: a small piece …

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Burying a Knife For Home Protection

In western and central Africa, fetishes and other ceremonial artifacts are often planted in the ground for protection, blessings, or other purposes.  This carried over into the diaspora and blended with other regional and revealed practices.  One of the things that is done but not often discussed is burying a knife in one’s yard for protection. Protection salts, powders, and floor washes are commonly used to repel or discourage negative or misplaced energy, but sometimes …

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Master Oil

Master oil is used to appear to be more competent.  It is useful for people who wish to stand out among other similarly or more skilled professionals.  It is great for leaders, as it increases the confidence others have in you and your abilities.  It can also help one to become more competent in a specific field, with a little adjustment to the recipe. You will need: a jar a heaping teaspoon of dried anise …

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Musician Mojo Bag

Musicians and singers sometimes need a boost of charisma, to fight stage-fright, and a little help getting ahead in the business.  This mojo bag assists with that. You will need: a red cloth or leather bag a piece of jet 3 coffee beans 5 brass coins a back scute (spike) from a male alligator, try to get one of the sharper, bonier ones a dried poppy flower or a teaspoon of poppy seeds a bit …

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Crown of Success Oil

There are as many Crown of Success oil recipes as there are conjurers and client situations.  There may be some “flavors” that vary from area to area.  Mine uses Master Oil as an ingredient. You will need: 3 cloves, to open the way to sweet things 50 ml. Master oil a few tears of frankincense 3 bay leaves for protection and victory the chopped, dried peel of an orange so people will be happy to …

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Base and Multi Purpose Oils

These are oils that can be used as a base or carrier oil for making condition or devotional oils, or in a pinch, prayed over and infused with energy.  If you are not sure what to use, or you don’t want there to be a “tell” for its purpose, then use one of these. Almond Oil Almond oil is a good multi purpose oil for situations having to do with endurance, stamina, consistency, stability, and …

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Protection From the Authorities and Police

Since the dawn of civilization, there has been a hierarchy that required law enforcement to sustain itself.  Almost since then, there has been corruption, and there have been times when those in power have abuse it or made it impossible for some classes or groups to make a decent living.  From that situation arose many ways of protecting one’s self from the authorities, or at least making sure contact with them would be survivable.  Protection …

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War Water, War Oil, and War Powder

War water, oil, and powder is to wreak destruction on your enemies.  Period.  Everything that goes into these things is primed to bring hell on earth to those who have wronged you.  Though your enemies may benefit and grow from their pain and sorrow, the point of this is not to make them better people.  It is just to punish and neutralize them so they can’t do whatever harm they did again. In a sort …

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How to Do Daily Observances For The Orishas

Not all of us live in Africa or have the luxury of very attentive mentors or parents to keep us on track.  Also, even some initiates did not get adequate training, or simply prefer to do private observance aside of community gatherings.  So here is a set of suggestions for daily observances for independent Orisha adherents. Before we begin though, let me make it clear that I do not believe that there is one way …

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Nya Si We and Efin We – Steam and Smoke Baths

Yoni steaming has become a trend lately, but it is a very old practice that has been done for thousands of years throughout Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  Though some scientists and skeptics say that it doesn’t have any medicinal value, practical health professionals generally know better.  Heat is good for you, light is good for you, steam is good for you, and sometimes smoke is good for you too.  How they should be applied …

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Shut Up Oil Recipe

Shut up oil is used to stop someone from gossiping or speaking ill.  It can be done for defense or prevention, sometimes to protect a person from themselves if they have a tendency to run off at the mouth and tempt Eshu or other Orishas/deities. You can use it to anoint a cow’s tongue or a severed duck’s head for those specific spells, or you can anoint candles with it and burn them to carry …

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The Curse of The Whiteness

The curse known as “the whiteness” is a particularly nasty one, usually cast upon racists and sellouts who commit acts of brutality against people of color.  It basically bleaches them from the inside out, removing the pigments (iron, bilirubin, melanin, etc.) from their bodies, and stifling or shutting down the processes that make new ones.  Be advised that this causes a slow and painful death. For this curse, you will need either some part of …

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How to Keep Your Man and Protect Your Household

When I was a young lady, the women who taught me magic also taught me how to serve my community by protecting people’s households and helping women to keep their men faithful or at least make sure they returned home safely.  As grateful as I am to have been given these gifts, I learned the hard way to take this advice for myself, and lost my first fiance and later my first husband due to …

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10 Herbs to Help You Keep Your Man and How to Use Them

Here is a list of 10 wonderful herbs that can be used in love magic, that will help you to get your man or keep your man. #1 Lavender Yes lavender.  It’s everywhere, but it works.  Lavender smells wonderful, and puts men in a peaceful mood, but it also makes them feel manlier.  Its scent and herbal properties trigger their best instincts, and makes them want to be more masculine. It’s not quite an aphrodisiac, …

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How to Spot a Fraudulent Spell Caster

I get many of the same questions and complaints from patrons and potential patrons about people they’ve worked with in the past.  So I decided to weigh in on the issue of fraudulent spell casters in the ATR and diaspora category.  There are a few signs that may indicate a fraudulent spell caster.  Some of these may apply to spell casters of any type, but in this article, we’ll focus on those in Voodoo, Conjure, …

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How To Keep Your Woman and Protect Your Household

Men and masculine people have it easier in some ways and harder in others.  Every gender/familial role has certain duties that come with it.  Men and masculine people must understand this above all, that the root of love for women and feminine people is admiration and respect.  In order to love you, a woman must respect and admire you.  If she does not then it is impossible for her to love you like a man.  …

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Charmed Gifts For Your Woman

You honestly didn’t think guys buy gifts for women just for materialistic purposes, did you?  One of the things that has been lost with hookup culture is the power men (and masculine people) once had to inspire actual love in women (and feminine people).  Not only do you end up objectifying the people you are told not to objectify, but you don’t even get the opportunity to show them that they are more than a …

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Prosperity Patties (Oat Cakes)

Oats are a staple food in many places.  In Ethiopia, they are called “aja”.  They have five grams of protein per ounce, and contain iron and a bit of calcium.  For many children, oatmeal is their first solid food.  For many elders, it is part of their last meals.  Soft, warm, and nutritious, it is no wonder that this grain is so loved and associated with good things. Though it is most popular as a …

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Stop Thief Oil and Tincture

Stop Thief oil and tincture are used when you want to prevent stealing in the home or workplace, or just keep people’s hands off your things.  They are very simple to make, but you may have to do some foraging to find the right ingredients.  Fortunately, almost every place in the world has some kind of thorny plants.  You just have to catch them in season. The essential oil version for around 30-50ml, which still …

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Adam and Eve Oil Recipe

Adam and Eve oil is an old Hoodoo formula that is used for attraction and reconciliation.  It has somewhat fallen out of fashion because one of its main ingredients or companion charms, Aplectrum hyemale, is now endangered.  The orchid root where the ashe of the charm is channeled has a round part and a phallic part, and the tubers contain a very sticky putty that is said to have been used by the Catawba as …

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Angel Oil Recipe for Protection and Angel Work

This angel oil recipe should be used by those “knowing folk” from Jewish, Christian, or Muslim families for protection from negative energy from their family, to make peace in their home, and to not frighten others with too much truth.  Needless to say, though this is old Hoodoo, it’s dipping into Obeah too.  In the past, most recipes focused on the exotic spices and incenses of the Levant.  However, due to many new archaeological finds, …

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AC/DC Oil Recipe for Same Sex Attraction and Solving Dilemmas

AC/DC oil is used for two purposes that may seem unrelated, but aren’t so far apart.  On the one hand, it is attractive of same sex partners, whether it is worn by someone genitally/hormonally male or female.  On the other, it helps anyone of any gender or orientation solve dilemmas and make sound decisions with a balance of rationality and compassion.  The reason it works for both is because the combination of ingredients is balancing …

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Q Oil Recipe for Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Q oil is worn by women who wish to arouse sexual feelings in other women.  It basically takes all the good things about how a man smells, and leaves the bad.  It is reminiscent of the natural smell of a freshly showered Romanian man wearing freshly laundered clothes. If you are hormonally female, it will not make you smell like a man, but a high testosterone woman. Some of the ingredients may be difficult to …

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Queen Bee Oil Recipe for Dominant Women

Queen Bee oil is for women who wish to dominate and push away the competition.  It attracts, helps you to control, and acts as a scent and vibrational marker of your territory.  So it is important to view some aspects of this recipe as a guide and not a hard recipe.  How you should change it depends on your head Orisha or deity, what your goals are, and how much controlling the people involved actually …

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Cleopatra Oil Recipe for the Seduction of High Status Men

Cleopatra oil is a recipe for use by high status women to seduce high status men.  If you are hormonally male, you may want to make some adjustment to it because you already make your own musk and may want to add sweetness or fruitiness by adding lemon or oranges, but generally, this recipe works for both men and women. Queen Esther oil is good for women who are not so confident and powerful in …

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Congo Oil Recipe for Bringing Changes

Congo oil is one of those things that everyone seriously has a different recipe for.  Some of the ingredients that are fairly consistent are some herb with caffeine, something peppery, and something very fresh.  Whichever one you get, it’s going to be deep, but like Tiger Balm for the soul. The variation is likely because different ingredients are available in different places, and it’s kind of important that some level of foraging be involved.  There’s …

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Bat’s Blood Oil Recipe for Tormenting Enemies

Bat’s Blood Oil is used for causing your enemies to self destruct from fright and guilt.  It is one of the relatively safer ways that a layperson can curse someone without having to deal with aggressive spirits themselves.  The way it works is to make the target extremely attractive to the sort of spirits and unseen creatures who plague the mind with fear of the consequences of their actions.  So once the root worker makes …

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Comments are Working

Hello all!  I just fixed the comments feature.  I was wondering why there was so little feedback, and thought folks were just super quiet.  The problem was that there was a conflict with some of the anti-spam plugins.  It’s solved now though, so if you would like to comment on any of the recipes or spells, or have any questions, feel free to ask. Blessings and Ase!  ~ Sheloya Save Print this page πŸ™‚ Link …

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Fast Money Oil Recipe

Fast Money oil is a money drawing oil for times when you need money quickly.  Some people overuse it, but it should be saved for emergency or semi-emergency situations.  You anoint the money that is in your wallet or purse, or a talisman that you keep there, and opportunities for income should present themselves quickly, and people who owe you will pay you back sooner. Most recipes for this contain High John the Conqueror root, …

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Phoenix Oil Recipe for Healing Heartbreak and PTSD

The pain of heartbreak and post traumatic stress can kill.  One can in fact die of a broken heart.  When someone has trouble making a better future because of trouble from the past, this oil can help with the healing process.  It’s like Tear spray for the heart. Phoenix Oil You will need: 18 cloves 5 mango leaves or a heaping tablespoon of mango powder (amchoor) a teaspoon of ginger a heaping tablespoon Gardenia gummifera …

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