Queen Bee Oil Recipe for Dominant Women

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Queen Bee Oil RecipeQueen Bee oil is for women who wish to dominate and push away the competition.  It attracts, helps you to control, and acts as a scent and vibrational marker of your territory.  So it is important to view some aspects of this recipe as a guide and not a hard recipe.  How you should change it depends on your head Orisha or deity, what your goals are, and how much controlling the people involved actually need from you.

The old recipe from Magickal Childe in New Orleans, according to Eve LeFey and Lady Rhea’s book The Enchanted Formulary, is a combination of honeysuckle, jasmine, vanilla, and ylang-ylang essential oils.  This is not how I was taught.  This is my recipe.

Queen Bee Oil

You will need:

  • 12 whole cloves
  • 3 black peppercorns
  • grains of paradise
  • a handful of deer’s tongue, an opened, dried out vanilla pod, or a crushed tonka bean
  • a handful of chopped lemongrass or louisa
  • a handful of champaca flowers if you can find them, or about a tablespoon of champaca flower wax, or 1/4 teaspoon of the absolute
  • a heaping tablespoon of myrrh
  • sunflower seed oil to fill
  • a 1/2 liter jar
  • a gold, yellow, or green cloth

Other ingredient choices depend on your head, heritage, culture, and the sort of people  you wish to attract.  Here are some options:

Jasmine is useful if you wish to appear to be more young and innocent while manipulating people to do your will.  It softens your image if you’ve been called “intimidating”.

Lily is good if your focus is to dominate those in your home or your husband specifically.

Orris root adds more of a maternal type of controlling.  This is very useful when you have to deal with people who may be a bit childish.  It inspires people to want to please you for its own sake.

Cardamon called “hel” in the middle east, makes you appear to be more generous, so use this only if you are okay with the idea of people coming to you for help and handouts a lot.  It inspires a sort of dependency.

Honey is good for children and adherents of Oshun.  Alternatively, you can use beeswax or beeswax absolute.

Ambrette will make you more attractive to naturally submissive people.  If you are recruiting for a team and want people you can work with who won’t question you too much, this is a good addition.

Basil is best used by women of middle eastern and Mediterranean ancestry.  It will be highly attractive on you, moreso than other women.

Camphor is a good choice for women of eastern Asia.  It has a healthy stabilizing energy.

Damiana is mildly hypnotic, and adds to any glamour you are working.

Ylang-ylang is a good general controlling option for women, but it’s tricky.  You need to back it up with a very feminine appearance and body language.  Otherwise, it may seem disjointed and ruin your glamour.

Fenugreek has a sweet maple-like smell and lots of coumarins.  It is good if you want to have more status when your competitors are mostly stable women with home skills, or to make you stand out as a matriarch or future matriarch of a family.

Then there are the usual elcampagne, calamus, and many others.  These are just some of the possibilities.  You are supposed to adjust the recipe for yourself or your patron’s personal needs.


After giving offerings to your Gate Keeper and Oshun or your tradition’s female deity of dominance, light some incense and arrange your ingredients.

Give your jar some smoke, and then add the ingredients mindfully.  You should do this with a flair.  It will help to have some sexy music in the background.

Give the lid some smoke, and close the jar.  Then dance with it as you shake it up.

Cover the jar in the cloth, and let this set for 5 months.

How to Use Queen Bee Oil

Use it as a perfume, placing it on the five points: crown of the head, navel, solarplexus, and wrists.

You can also use it to dress candles for domination spells.

Put a dab on your husband’s clothes to keep other women away.

Blessings!  🙂




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