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Fraudulent spell casters milking African and diaspora magic. I get many of the same questions and complaints from patrons and potential patrons about people they’ve worked with in the past.  So I decided to weigh in on the issue of fraudulent spell casters in the ATR and diaspora category.  There are a few signs that may indicate a fraudulent spell caster.  Some of these may apply to spell casters of any type, but in this article, we’ll focus on those in Voodoo, Conjure, etc.

Before we begin, let me be clear that showing any of these signs does not necessarily make someone a fraud.  They may simply be misguided or just not very spiritually mature.  These things should not be considered definitive proof that someone is a fraud, but it should make someone cautious about taking their help beyond a point.  They are at least signs of severe misalignment or bad instruction.

1. An obsession with calling others frauds and scam artists.
Someone who is spiritually mature doesn’t attempt to discredit someone else’s spirituality, and is careful about deeming large masses of people frauds simply because they don’t follow the same belief system.
I have seen one claim all root workers must have a Christian background, like non Christian areas of Asia and Africa don’t exist, and nobody ever intermarries with other ethnicities, and like “root work” is a religion with a set cannon and dogma or something.
“Pure” does not exist in witchcraft.  We all have influences that come from many places, and many of us are of mixed ancestry.  So starting with our Ancestors, we have to embrace two or more ancestral pantheons.
There is no “traditional Hoodoo”.  It is mixed and it varies throughout many areas of north America, and has spread throughout the western world already.  There is no “traditional Conjure”.  Conjure is a general term for practical magic that has elements of ceremonial magic.  There is no “traditional Root Work”.  Root work covers all practical magic and folk medicine using herbs among the poor in north America.  Even Obeah has variations.  The Lukumi have many that vary from city to city, house to house.  There is no “one true way”.  One-true-wayism is a red flag.
Certain practices fit under certain umbrella terms, but differences do not indicate fraud, just difference.

2. Claims they are the most powerful sorcerer and/or their style of magic is the most powerful.
All magic is powerful because the forces of Nature are powerful.  Ill will or good will directed by the right person at the right time under the right circumstances can be powerful.  Spell casting is just doing it in an organized way to produce reasonably predictable results.  Saying that a specific style of magic is most powerful is like saying that physicists are more powerful than biologists.
Because it is somewhat eclectic from the outset, and covers both practical and ceremonial magic, Obeah could be considered one of the most powerful systems, but this does not mean that a Hoodoo practitioner living on a mountain in Kentucky could not be a better sorcerer than an Obeah man.  It’s not the system that makes the sorcerer.  It’s the Spirits and that individual’s connection to them and alignment with Nature.

3. No photos of themselves, no network, no nothing.

Sheloya Doing Actual Witchcraft

No evidence that this person does any actual magic work.  Even if I don’t understand another’s way of doing things, as long as they’re doing the work, and it’s metaphysically sound, I have no beef with them.  Some people’s style looks more like working in a lab with chemicals/ingredients and a lot of energetic chanting.  Some people like to go out to the woods.  Some people trance, fast, and channel energy through their bodies.
In any case, there will be some evidence of their doing the work, not just a lot of talking or writing.  If all you see is talking and writing, and you never even see any of the supplies they hopefully bought with what clients and donors have paid them for the work, then they may not be doing anything.

4. Too many testimonials about love spells and curses.
Nobody who has had this kind of work done on their behalf runs around bragging about it.  Well, I know only one and that was just because he was so happy his enemy was vanquished that he felt the need to celebrate.  In the end, I didn’t post his testimonial because it could be dangerous for him and me.
Usually, people will want to show some discretion so the person on whom the spell was cast doesn’t find out about it and counter it.  In the cases that I have had to go up against the work of a powerful witch and won, even if I’m not worried about her/him, if they have helpers, I don’t want them coming after me.  Whoever doesn’t fear Nature is a fool.

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