Lovecraft Country Movie Review: The Battle of White Supremacy and African Spirituality.

In This Video,I talked about the HBO series Love Craft Country and its Spiritual themes Symbolism’s and significance and a little about the personality of Love craft and also the critical issue presented in the series which is the touchy subject of Race and African Spirituality.Enjoy.  

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Why We Should Not be Afraid of Our African Ancestral and Elemental Spirits.

Efe West sitting on a hill

  In This Video,I talked about why it we have no reason to be afraid of Our own Ancestors Spirits or Elemental Spirits from Africa contrary to the lie that main stream religion is propagating in order to cut off Africans from their Ancestral spiritual knowledge and cultural heritage so…

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Simulacra & Simulation: Exposing The Fakery & Fuckery in Western Occultism.

In this Video,I talked about the fake nature of so called Western Occultism and how it is really a Corrupted version of African Spirituality and The Signs and Evidence to prove that it is nothing but another Simulation to trap the Spirituality of people that are trying to escape the…

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How to Spot a Fraudulent Spell Caster

Gold Coins

Updated October 4, 2022: Leonard Elmira shares new social media tactics, and Efe West gives some guidance on the difference between regressive and vampiric traditionalists and those who respect tradition but have good intentions and actually helpful practices. I get many of the same questions and complaints from patrons and…

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The Curse of The Whiteness

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